Spanish Immersion Programs for Kids in Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas, is one of the best places you can live if you want to raise your kids to be bilingual in English and Spanish. Of course, TruFluency Kids is based in Dallas, so we may be just a bit biased. But, through working with lots of Dallas kids and families, we also know the Spanish-language education options in this city inside and out. We’re impressed with the quality and variety of the schools, preschools and after-school programs to help your kids learn Spanish. The big question for you to figure out as a parent is which of these many options are best suited to the needs of your kids and your family. Don’t worry, though, we’re here to help! Welcome to TruFluency Kids’ tour of the world of Spanish-language learning for kids in Dallas.

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About This Resource

Before we get into specifics, though, we wanted to tell you a little bit more about what we’ll be sharing with you in this guide to Spanish-language education in Dallas.

First, this article focuses on the options you’ll find within the Dallas Independent School District (see a map of the area covered here). That’s a big area: DISD is the second-largest school district in Texas and the 14th largest in the whole U.S. But the Dallas metro area is much larger. So if you live in, or are thinking about moving to cities like Fort Worth, Plano or Irving, keep an eye out for future TruFluency Kids guides like this one for other locations in the Dallas metro area.

Second, we’re focusing this article primarily on Spanish immersion classes, schools, and programs. Why? Because we know from years of experience in language training that immersion is the best way to build fluency. Immersion means that your kids are in an environment where Spanish is all around them. For example, in our Spanish classes at TruFluency Kids, English is used only infrequently.

Finally, Spanish-language education in Dallas will continue to grow and evolve, and so will this guide. All information here was accurate at the time of publication, but please contact us at TruFluency Kids if you discover information that has become outdated since we first wrote this article. And if you and your kids have had a great experience with a school or program, whether it’s featured here or not, we want to know that, too! Please share your own tips and recommendations about Spanish-language education in Dallas so that we can make this guide an even more valuable resource for parents.

Dallas ISD Dual-Language Program

Dallas ISD Dual-Language Program

Any discussion about Spanish-language education in Dallas has to start with the Dallas Independent School District’s dual-language program. It’s the largest program of its kind in the nation, and a tremendous benefit of living in Dallas for both English-speaking kids who are learning Spanish and Spanish-speaking kids who are learning English.

Parents who want to have their English-speaking kids learn Spanish should look for schools that offer two-way dual language instruction. Dallas ISD has a School Finder tool that you can use to locate dual-language schools that also meet other criteria that are important to you. If the school your family is zoned for doesn’t offer a dual-language program, your kids can apply for any other DISD school that does.

In Dallas ISD, dual-language instruction is available for students from pre-K through high school — however, entry requirements differ at different ages. Kids who are native English speakers and who are entering the dual-language program to learn Spanish can apply if they are in grades pre-K through first. These children aren’t required to have any previous knowledge of Spanish in order to enter the program.

Seats in the dual-language program in grades two through 12 are awarded based on previous participation in a dual-language program. As DISD explains: “As students get older, it is much harder for them to enter Two-Way successfully unless they have been exposed to Spanish as an English speaker.” In middle school and high school, dual-language students are required to take two dual-language courses per year, and they can also add another dual-language course as an elective.

Ideally, your kids would enter DISD’s dual-language program in pre-K or kindergarten, continue through high school and graduate with the Texas Seal of Biliteracy.

Dallas ISD’s dual-language program is always evolving and expanding, so we recommend visiting the district’s website for the latest information, newest options, and current application deadlines before you decide which schools are best for your kids.

Highlighted Dallas ISD Schools for Spanish Learning

While we are big fans overall of Dallas ISD’s dual-language program, there are a few schools in the district that we’re extra enthusiastic about.

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Lakewood Elementary School

Lakewood Elementary School boasts one of the first dual-language programs in Dallas ISD. In kindergarten through second grade, students are taught reading/language arts, social studies, and science in Spanish and math in English. In grades three through five, social studies and science are still taught in Spanish and math in English, but reading/language arts is taught in both Spanish and English.

U.S. News & World Report ranks Lakewood as the No. 3 DISD elementary school and the No. 27 elementary school in all of Texas. When it comes to test scores, more than 85% of students scored at the proficient level or higher in math, and a similar percentage did so in reading. Lakewood Elementary is rated 3.8 out of 5 stars on Google and 4.5 out of 5 stars on Facebook.

Rosemont Schools
Rosemont Schools

Rosemont Schools

The Rosemont Schools in Dallas have two campuses. Students in grades pre-K through three attend Rosemont Primary School – Chris V. Semos Campus. The other campus houses Rosemont Elementary School (grades four and five) and Rosemont International Language Preparatory Middle School. Dual-language instruction at Rosemont uses the Gómez & Gómez 50/50 Dual Language Instructional Model.

Rosemont’s middle school (Rosemont Upper) is U.S. News & World Report’s No. 8 middle school in Dallas ISD, and No. 273 for all of Texas. In the same rankings, Rosemont Lower is No. 78 in Dallas ISD elementary schools and No. 1748 for all Texas elementary schools. is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google.

Eduardo Mata Montessori School
Eduardo Mata Montessori School

Mata Montessori School

Eduardo Mata Montessori School serves students in grades pre-K through eight. It is one of the district’s Transformation Schools. Like magnet schools, Transformation Schools offer specialized academic programming. But they don’t have academic entry requirements, and there are no attendance boundaries. Instead, admission is determined by a randomized lottery.

In Mata’s dual-language program, math is taught in English, while science and social studies are taught in Spanish. In grades pre-K-first, students are taught reading and language arts in their native language only. After that, they’re instructed in both Spanish and English. There’s also a “language of the day” for classroom routines outside of instruction. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, the language of the day is Spanish. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, it’s English.

Mata is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars by Google reviewers.

More Outstanding Dallas ISD Schools

Finally, we want to highlight a few Dallas ISD schools that aren’t part of the dual-language program but that TruFluency Kids families have still found to provide outstanding experiences for their young language learners.
Solar Preparatory School for Girl
Solar Preparatory School for Girls

Solar Prep for Girls

Solar Preparatory School for Girls has an enrollment that’s 47% Hispanic. That means that girls who are learning Spanish will be able to easily form friendships with Spanish-speaking girls in their classes. The school serves girls in grades pre-K through seven (eighth grade will be added) and has a strong academic reputation.

Solar Prep for Girls has a 4.7-star ranking on Google. A sample review: “This opportunity is by far, the best thing that has happened to our family in a long time.”

Like Mata Montessori, the Solar Prep campuses have been designated Transformation Schools in Dallas ISD.

Solar Preparatory School for Boys
Solar Preparatory School for Boys

Solar Prep for Boys

TruFluency Kids’ parents also love Solar Preparatory School for Boys. This school currently includes grades pre-K through four, but will add levels through eighth grade. Like Solar Prep for Girls, Solar Prep for Boys is a diverse and high-achieving school. About 44% of students are Hispanic.

Solar Prep for Boys has a 4.4-star rating on Facebook, and 4.8 stars on Google. A sample review: “Since my son has been at Solar, I have seen nothing but positive outcomes.

Like Mata Montessori, the Solar Prep campuses have been designated Transformation Schools in Dallas ISD.

Dealey Montessori Academy
Dealey Montessori Academy

Dealey Montessori School

George Bannerman Dealey Montessori Academy is No. 3 in Dallas ISD middle schools and No. 5 in elementary schools, according to U.S. News & World Report. Dealey is No. 61 in all Texas elementary schools and No. 4 in all middle schools. Dealey is one of DISD’s most-selective magnet schools, and has a 4.5-star ranking on Google.

Private, After-School, & Preschool Spanish Immersion in Dallas

Beyond Dallas ISD’s dual language program, there are also many other schools and programs in the city that can help your kids learn Spanish. For example, if you have very young children, you may be interested in a bilingual preschool or nursery school. Or perhaps you want your kids to be in a Spanish after-school or summer program where they can build on the Spanish they are learning in school. Or you may simply prefer a private school environment that offers Spanish-language immersion. You can find all of these options in Dallas, sometimes even at the same location. Let’s take a look at some of Dallas’ private schools and programs that have an excellent reputation for Spanish-language instruction.

Spanish World School
Spanish World School

Spanish World School

Trust us: You can’t start too early when it comes to helping your kids become bilingual. Babies’ brains are pretty remarkable in how they are wired for language acquisition. If they’re exposed to both English and Spanish, they will grow up proficient in both. That’s why we love that Spanish World School has programs for children as young as 3 months. As the school states on its website, “Our youngest students are encouraged to play, explore and move as their language skills develop organically.

When your kids age out of Spanish World School’s preschool programs, they can continue on there for Spanish immersion elementary school (grades kindergarten through fifth). At Spanish World School Elementary, learning is project-based. This gets a thumbs-up from us because it promotes collaboration and communication, which, beyond being valuable skills in themselves, also accelerate Spanish learning. If your kids attend another school, Spanish World School can still be part of their journey to Spanish fluency. The school offers after-school Spanish immersion classes and virtual tutoring.

Spanish World School has lots of fans in Dallas. In both Facebook and Google reviews, the school has an average 5-star rating. A sample review: “Great teachers, great staff, and just excellent overall. Our daughter started at the nursery school and transitioned here recently, and we love it!

Spanish Schoolhouse
Spanish Schoolhouse

Spanish Schoolhouse

Like Spanish World School, Spanish Schoolhouse offers both preschool and after-school programs. While this article focuses on Spanish education options within Dallas, this is one option that parents in nearby cities such as Addison and Richardson should also be aware of.

Spanish Schoolhouse has been helping kids become fluent in Spanish since 2006, which means they have well-honed programs for both preschoolers and elementary-age children.

The early childhood program at Spanish School serves kids ages 18 months through 4 years. Classes are small, and the focus is on educating the whole child. Students naturally develop their Spanish skills through math, science, and literacy exercises. But they also spend their days being active and creating. They strengthen their abilities to care for themselves and cooperate with others, and they gain an appreciation of Hispanic cultures.

Spanish Schoolhouse’s after-school program welcomes students in grades kindergarten through fifth. Spanish immersion classes are offered once or twice weekly and last 90 minutes. Students spend this time enjoying activities like stories, songs, and games, as well as Spanish-language conversation — which is so important to building fluency. Twelve-week sessions are available fall and spring semesters.

To learn more about Spanish Schoolhouse-North Dallas, check out reviews on Google, where it is ranked 4.8 stars out of 5, and Facebook, where it earns 5 stars out of 5. A sample review: “The curriculum, teachers, facilities, location are all great. The teachers, in particular, have been crucial to the development of our son. They are not only knowledgeable and professional, but also are extremely caring and loving to all the kids. In addition, they all come from different countries in Latin America, which exposes the kids to a wide array of Latin traditions.

La Escuelita Spanish Immersion Preschool
La Escuelita Spanish Immersion Preschool

La Escuelita Spanish Immersion Preschool

One of the most effective ways to help your English-speaking kids learn Spanish is to give them opportunities to spend time with Spanish-speaking kids who are learning English. And, like we said before, the earlier you can do this, the better. For that reason, parents of pre-K kids in Dallas should check out La Escuelita Spanish Immersion Preschool.

According to the La Escuelita, “Spanish speaking children are supported in maintaining their native language and cultural traditions, while English speaking children develop a strong foundation for a second language and exposure to a variety of cultural traditions.” Kids learning from kids – we love it! We also appreciate that Spanish learning at La Escuelita happens through activities like singing, dancing, making art, and, of course, playing. The kids just know that they’re having fun, but you know that they’re building language and cultural skills that will be valuable for the rest of their lives.

La Escuelita Spanish Immersion Preschool has a 5-star ranking in Facebook reviews, as well as on Google. A sample review: “La Escuelita is a hidden gem of a preschool in Oak Cliff.

Casa de Paz Montessori
Casa de Paz Montessori

Casa de Paz Montessori

Many parents are passionate about the Montessori approach to education, which prioritizes experiential learning and practical life skills. The Montessori method for language learning emphasizes immersion. If you’re looking for a Montessori program where your young kids can get a solid start in learning Spanish, Casa de Paz might be a great option for you.

At Casa de Paz, children 18 months to 3 years old are nurtured in a Spanish immersion program. All teaching is done in Spanish, which helps language learning occur naturally. For 3- to 6-year-olds, Casa de Paz offers a bilingual program. One teacher speaks only English; the other speaks only Spanish.

Casa de Paz has a 4.4-star ranking on Google, and 4.9 stars on Facebook. A sample review: “Casa de Paz has been absolutely wonderful for our family. We have seen major growth in our son’s independence since he started. We love the small community experience and the parent education that is provided.

TruFluency Kids Loves Our Dallas Students

How Children Learn a Second Language: Language Acquisition

We couldn’t complete this guide without telling you about how Spanish classes work at TruFluency Kids. We’ve worked with families all over Dallas to help their children build Fluency in Spanish, and we’d love to do the same for your kids.

We offer flexible, accessible online Spanish classes for kids ages 4 through 17, seven days a week. Our curriculum is created by native Spanish speakers based on our founder’s Bellieu Method for fluency, and our teachers are specially trained to connect with kids. Students use REAL everyday Spanish from their very first class. Private tutoring is available.

Our classes deliver great results on their own. Just check out the testimonials for TruFluency Kids. But they are also a great enhancement to your kids’ learning if they are enrolled in the Dallas ISD’s dual-language program or another Spanish immersion program.

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Ready for the next step in helping your child learn Spanish in a natural and conversation-based atmosphere? Join a small online LIVE session at TruFluency Kids Spanish today!