FAQ's for Curious Parents

We know you have questions on how it all works! We have lots of answers in our FAQ’s below.

Getting Started

How many kids are in each class?
We keep our classes small, so each student gets plenty of speaking time; only 2- 6 kids per class.
How much does each class cost?

This depends on your child’s age.

Ages 4-6 – $12 per class
Ages 7-11 – $17 per class
Ages 12-18 – $19 per class

Do I need to attend class with my child?

Please do not sit in the room at all.

If you’d like to listen to your child’s class, please sit in another room and make sure they aren’t aware you are listening. They progress better with less parent involvement.

What video platform do you use?

We use Zoom for our online classes. If you don’t already have the software installed on your computer, you can download and install it now. Browse their support center if you have any questions on how to use it.

How do I access the online classes?

Our registration system is called HiSawyer. You will make an account on our website when you register

You can log in to this system and click on CALENDAR at any time to see all of your classes and their links, and also HiSawyer will automatically send the link 30 minutes before class. Either way, you have complete access to all your links at all times.

We recommend you make sure your device is up to date with Zoom and meets all system requirements before class.

How will I get access to the video library?
After registering for a session, we will send you a login to access all of our music videos, computer games, worksheets, crafts and more.
What is a Drop in class?

To “drop in” to a class means to choose one date at a time. This means you just pay for the classes you want to attend. Like if you have a changing schedule week to week, or like the flexibility of signing up with different teachers.

Make sure to sign up more than 24 hours before class starts to ensure a spot.

If we drop in to one class in the middle of the 4-week session, will my child be confused?

That’s no problem at all. We start each class with a quick review of the vocabulary. We’ve been doing this for over 13 years, and kids usually get up to speed and comfortable within four classes.

So if you drop in once a week, they will still be able to keep up. Or if you just have two weeks available for Spanish, please join us, as every hour of conversation practice will count towards fluency later.

Do you speak any English in the classes?

Very infrequently. Only to explain some types of instructions or specific schedule information. English is not needed and immersion is proven to have the most impact and give the most progress for fluency.

Do kids understand what you’re saying if it’s only in Spanish?

Yes, they do! Your children learned English by you gesturing, showing pictures, or pointing at what you were talking about so that they understood.

We do the same in Spanish. We have pictures showing on the screen at all times, or the teacher is pointing or expressing what he/she means. Your kids might have a moment of “huh?” but very soon they will understand and start to respond.

Choosing the Right Class for your Child

How do you categorize the levels for each class?

We use the Common European Framework Reference: CEFR. Those levels are A1 (Low Beginner), A2 (Advanced Beginner), B1 (Low Intermediate), B2 (Advanced Intermediate – also known as the level when someone could successfully live/work in Spanish).

Level 1.1 is 50 hours of Spanish practice.
Level 1.2 is 50 hours of Spanish practice.
Level 1.3 is 50 hours of Spanish practice.

Level 2.1 is 50 hours of Spanish practice.
Level 2.2 is 50 hours of Spanish practice.
Level 2.3 is 50 hours of Spanish practice. 

Level 3.1 is 75 hours of Spanish practice.
Level 3.2 is 75 hours of Spanish practice.
Level 3.3 is 100 hours of Spanish practice.

Level 4.1 is 75 hours of Spanish practice.
Level 4.2 is 75 hours of Spanish practice.
Level 4.3 is 100 hours of Spanish practice.

My child knows no Spanish. Will they be behind?

No experience is necessary!

The Spanish conversation level will be adjusted depending on the level of each student or the group as a whole.

We always meet each child at the level they are at, rephrasing questions based on the level of the child – so questions might be different from child to child, and answers might be different based on Spanish exposure of the child.

Rest easy – we meet your child exactly where they are so that the environment is fun and relaxed.

We don’t speak ANY Spanish at our home. Can my child still be successful?

Absolutely! There are tons of kids all over the world learning a language that their parents don’t speak.

The number one fastest growing company in the world recently is an English online conversation class for kids in China. Their parents don’t speak a word of English, but the kids are 100% fluent from these online conversation classes.

I’ve spoken to my children in Spanish since they were born and we speak Spanish in the home. Do you have a class for them?
Yes! If they can NOT easily respond to you, please start with Advanced Beginner 2.1 and let us get them comfortable first. They will likely progress rapidly and we will let you know when to move them to the next level. If they EASILY respond to you, please sign up for Low Intermediate 3.1.

Classes & Sessions

What is a session?

A session is a group of classes in a 4 week period. Each session has a unique theme and curriculum so that we can talk about a different aspect of conversation every month.

We have a variety of 4-week sessions to choose from: three days a week, two days a week, and one day a week.

How do I schedule an entire session of classes?

First, choose and click on your preferred session class day/time from our Class Schedule page. In the Booking Options section, be sure that “Semester” is selected and click the Register button. This will register you for each class in the session.

Are the lessons the same on weekdays as on weekends?
No. The weekday classes will cover one theme, and the weekend classes will cover a different theme. This allows you to join us during the week and also on weekends if you want to.
How do I register for only a class or two?

First, choose and click on your preferred session class day/time from our Class Schedule page. In the Booking Options section, be sure that “Drop-In” is selected and click the Register button.

You will be prompted to select from the available dates in the session. You can choose as few or as many as you would like.

How do I choose different days & times for classes?

First, choose and click on your preferred session class day/time from our Class Schedule page. In the Booking Options section, be sure that “Drop-In” is selected and click the Register button.

You will be prompted to select from the available dates in the session. You can choose as few or as many as you would like.

There is a M/W/F class session, but we can only attend M/W. Is it okay to only attend two days a week for the whole 4-week session?

Absolutely! Tons of parents do this. Our goal is flexibility and ease.

Choose and click on your preferred session class day/time from our Class Schedule page. In the Booking Options section, be sure that “Drop-In” is selected and click the Register button.

You will be prompted to select from the available dates in the session. Select all the Monday & Wednesday classes!

How do I cancel a class?

If a class has already begun, you can transfer to another class time. If the class has not begun, we can do a refund. Reach out to support@trufluencykids.com.

What happens if I miss a class? Will I be charged anyway?

Not at all. Go to our website and find another class time you can attend, email us at support@trufluencykids.com, and we will put you in the new class to make up the class you missed.

You will never lose class time with us. There’s always another class to attend at another time you are available.

The Path to TruFluency

How many classes do you recommend my child takes to become fluent in Spanish?
This depends on your finances, your goals, and your availability. We suggest at least 2 classes a week for steady progress. Many kids take classes every day because they want to get fluent as quickly as possible. Our average student takes 3-4 classes a week.
How long will it take for my child to become fluent?

First, we have to define what “fluency” means. Fluency is the ability to easily and clearly talk about any subject. This is an extremely high level. With that being defined, it takes 600 hours of exposure and conversation to be able to work in the language (or go to school in the language).

At every respectable language school in the world, the same amount of time is used to express fluency for English speakers to learn Spanish. Hours must be used, not days or months. These hours are also used with government language programs.

Our goal for your students (at minimum) is a basic level of fluency (A2+ or B1), which takes 300-350 hours of exposure and conversation. It takes roughly 100 hours for A1 level (super basic) and 200 hours for A2 level (advanced basic).

How many years does it take to get to a basic level of fluency?

We must speak in hours and not days, weeks, or months if we want to be honest and precise. Someone who takes one hour a week will not learn the same as someone taking five hours a week, so we cannot talk in weeks or months.

If you’re taking two classes a week (1-2 hours a week), it will roughly take five years to reach 300-350 hours. If you’re taking three classes a week (2-3 hours a week), it’s closer to 3-3.5 years. If you’re taking three classes during weekdays and also a weekend class, it will take closer to 2.5 years. That is why immersion is so critical.

fF you’re translating or speaking a lot of English in the class, then we would have to double these numbers for how long it would take, because so much English is being spoken in class.

We strive to make the most of the time we have in order to give ultimate progress.

What can we do outside of class to help our kids with Spanish?
As part of our fluency program, we will provide you with access to various online videos, worksheets, games, comic strips, quizzes and more!
What if we have no time for "homework" or work outside of class. Is it still worth it to attend?

Yes! Your child learned English through talking and listening to you. Not through worksheets. The main component is the class time to talk and listen. Just attend for great results.

Do we have to do extra work outside of class to be successful with Spanish?

Surprisingly, no. The talk time in class (listening and responding) provides the most progress. So a worksheet or video outside of class is not going to move the needle a ton. Don’t stress about outside of classwork.

Will it help some? Yes, of course.

If you don’t do it, should you drop out of the classes altogether? Not at all! Attending classes is the most important thing.

We only have time for one class a week right now. Is that enough?

While we suggest a minimum of two classes per week, we know that there are times during the year that only one class a week is possible.

Our suggestion is to never stop completely. You can go up or down in number of class hours per week as needed!

We’ll walk you through the signup process. It’s easy!