Private Spanish Lessons

Help your child progress even faster with private Spanish classes.

How Does Pimsleur Compare to TFK?

Interested in maximizing your time with our Spanish coaches? Take advantage of private Spanish lessons for your child and progress even faster.

The amount of time talking is what gives progress, so with private lessons, you will see more progress faster since your child will not be sharing time with others in the class.

YOU choose the days and times that best fit your schedule! We suggest using the classes within a 4-week period, but a flexible schedule is available. After purchase, we will reach out to you to confirm your preferred schedule.

What's Included

Your child will have a private Spanish coach trained in our Bellieu Method Curriculum plus customization for what your child specifically wants to discuss or needs to work on.


We offer four-week courses (this is a suggested time period and is quite flexible) with either eight or twelve class packages. You choose the days and times that best fit your child’s schedule.


Plus you will have access to the song and video database and access to TruFluency Kids Interactive Storytelling Collection (we tell a story and then have conversations with your children through short videos with a question/answer rhythm).

Private Spanish Tutor Packages for Ages 4 -6

Private Spanish Tutor Packages for Ages 7-17