How It Works

It’s easy to Sign your child up for online Spanish classes at TruFluency Kids! We’ve got step-by-step instructions below on how to get started.

How It Works | TruFluency Kids Online Spanish Classes

Determine your Child's Language Level

It’s important to select the right level for your child so they aren’t overwhelmed by advanced classes or bored by simple phrases. Our classes are categorized by Beginners, Dual Language (Intermediate), Conversation Club (Teens 13+), & Native Speakers (Advanced.) Check out our FAQ’s for more details on each level.

How it Works | Filter Classes to Find the Right Fit

Filter for your Child's Age

We have over 150 classes, so choose your child’s age first to narrow the options. Then search for the level by scrolling down. Scroll more to find a different month or 4-week period.
How it Works | Choose the Right Schedule

Find the Right Class Schedule

Each session is 4 weeks long and takes place on certain days – even if the below sessions don’t fit your schedule, just choose the days that you want. For example, you like Mon, Wed, Fri class time, but can’t attend on Fridays, just click on the dates you want as ‘drop in’ sessions. Only pay for the days you can attend.

  • Monday & Wednesday Sessions
  • Tuesday & Thursday Sessions
  • Monday, Wednesday, & Friday Sessions
  • Saturday Sessions
  • Sunday Sessions

You can mix and match as needed! For example, you would like your child to have three classes a week, but the Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes don’t work with your schedule. Choose the Tuesday & Thursday session and either the Saturday or Sunday session to schedule your child’s three days a week classes!

How it Works | Register for a Session | TruFluency Kids

Registering for a Session

Once you have your child’s age, day, and time chosen, click the More Info button to register!

If your child will attend all the session classes make sure that Semester is selected and click the Register button. The next screen displays the session booking details. Click Add to Cart.

How it Works | Register for a Drop-in Class

Registering for a Drop-in Class

Using the Drop-in class options allows you the flexibility to choose only one class (try it out!) or to select certain days in the session (opt-out of vacation days!). If you can’t make all the classes, just drop into the ones that you can. Make a schedule that fits your life.

Once you have your child’s age, day, and time chosen, click the More Info button to register! Select Drop-In and click register. You will then be prompted to select class dates. Select each day your child will attend class, then click Done and Add To Cart.

How it Works | Entering Class

How to Enter Class

HiSawyer, our registration system, will send you an email reminder with the Zoom link thirty minutes before class starts, but you can also login to HiSawyer at any time to see all of your class links on your class calendar.

How it Works | Accessing Class Materials

How to Access Class Materials

When you sign up for a session (not a one-time drop-in), you will receive login credentials for two curriculum websites (a $400 value). You will have access for one year, even if you do not continue taking our classes. There are videos, songs, crafts, mini-movies, worksheets, computer games, and more!

How it Works | Phrases Between Classes

In Between Classes

After every class, the teacher will send you phrases to work on with your child, along with a link to the movie or song that goes with the phrases. Try to incorporate these phrases into your daily life.
How it Works | TruFluency Progress

Progress to TruFluency

After approximately 300 hours of conversation, beginner students will no longer be beginners. Our teachers are keeping track of this and will let you know when your child should be in another level of class. Every student speaks at a different rate, so it is best to let the teacher be the decider.

Practice is the key to fluency, and everyone needs a different amount of practice, so please allow your child to move at their own speed!

Register for Classes Now!

All online Spanish class activities center around relevant, everyday phrases and not just singular vocabulary words. This allows kids to communicate more fully, more quickly. We read stories, ask questions, play word games, picture games, online games, and look for items around the house. We even have the kids make crafts or food, so learning Spanish is more like how they learned their first language!