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One of the most important things our kids must learn in their Spanish classes are phrases for real life. And they must practice those daily. Might sound obvious but sometimes some schools miss that.

They teach grammar rules and vocabulary lists, but they don’t always teach that vocabulary through real life phrases and context. And they don’t always practice them over and over again.

Here at TruFluency Kids we know how important that is. That’s why one of our teachers has decided to show some very important real-life phrases with “¿te gusta?” (¿do you like it?). All of this through a quick and fun TikTok lesson, so your kids won’t even feel it like a class.

Learning “¿te gusta?” will help your children speak more like a native Spanish speaker.

This question is super easy and common to ask to your friends, classmates, or any person. So children will get to know what others like or dislike. For this reason, it’s a good approach to making new friends. So there you go, your kids will win a lot from this lesson.

Spanish Words Used in This Lesson

Here are some words in Spanish you’ll hear in this TikTok lesson. Make sure you learn what they mean, because they’re super common and, therefore, important.

  • Sí – Yes
  • No – No
  • Claro – Of course
  • Mango – Mango
  • Gatos – Cats
  • Lover – Amante
  • Weird – Raro
  • Crema de cacahuate – Peanut butter
  • Sándwich – Sandwich
  • Mermelada – Jam
  • Fresa – Strawberry
  • Té – Tea

Real-Life Spanish Questions and Phrases with “¿Te Gusta?”

Now, how about we learn those words but with some context? Here are some of the Spanish questions and phrases using the vocabulary above you’ll learn in our TikTok lesson for “¿te gusta?”:

  • ¿Te gusta el mango? – ¿Do you like mangoes?
    • ¡Sí, me gusta el mango! – Yes! I like mangoes.
    • ¡Sí, me encanta el mango! – Yes! I love mangoes.
    • Egh! No, no me gusta el mango. – Ugh! No, I don’t like mangoes.
  • ¿Te gustan los gatos? – Do you like cats?
    • ¡Sí! Me gustan los gatos. – Yes! I like cats.
    • No, no me gustan los gatos. – No, I don’t like cats.
  • ¿Te gusta el sándwich de crema de cacahuate con mermelada de fresa? – Do you like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?
    • Now, having learned the previous answers and according to them, think: If you like that kind of sandwich, how would you answer this question?
    • If you love that kind of sandwich, how would you answer this question?
    • If you don’t like that sandwich, how would you negatively answer this question?
    • *Now go check out our TikTok video to see if you were correct. As well as to learn other phrases and words related to this topic. Thanks to that video you’ll also hear the pronunciation of all this vocabulary. We recommend you repeat each phrase after the teacher has said it, so you practice your speaking skills.

Here are more questions and phrases we wanted to add to this important lesson. So you practice more:

  • ¿Te gusta la clase de Español? – ¿Do you like the Spanish class?
    • ¡Sí, claro! Me gusta mucho la clase de Español. – Yes, of course! I like the Spanish class very much.
    • No, no me gusta nada la clase de Español. – No, I don’t like the Spanish class at all.
  • ¿Te gusta el idioma Español? – Do you like the Spanish language?
    • Sí, me gusta el Español. – Yes, I like Spanish.
    • No, no me gusta el idioma Español. – No, I don’t like the Spanish language.
  • ¿Te gusta hacer tarea? – Do you like doing homework?
    • ¡Sí, me encanta hacer tarea! – Yes, I love doing homework!
    • No, odio hacer tarea. – No, I hate doing homework.
  • ¿Te gusta ver películas? – Do you like watching movies?
    • Now, think: Based on your own likes and dislikes, how would you answer this question in Spanish?

¿Te Gustó la Lección de Español de Hoy? Come to TruFluency Kids to Learn More

We’re glad you liked today’s Spanish lesson. Hopefully you learned a lot and are putting it into practice every day. But guess what? There’s much more you can learn.

Good news: You can keep on learning Spanish in a fun way, through context, and focusing on real life. Just like we did today. How? Easy, with TruFluency Kids online Spanish lessons!

We have native teachers. That’s an amazing advantage for your pronunciation, speaking and vocabulary skills. Because you’ll hear how natives really talk, so you’ll learn how to truly sound like one.

But it doesn’t stop there. We want kids to improve in all their language skills. So we also teach reading, listening and grammar.

The best of it all? We do it through fun activities, such as storytelling, playing games, singing, dancing, cooking and doing crafts in Spanish! So children won’t get bored, and they’ll acquire the language naturally, almost like they did with their mother tongue.

Oh, and we’ll encourage students to speak during class with our Bellieu Method! It might sound crazy, but it really is not. Think about it: The more they practice their speaking, the faster they’ll achieve Spanish fluency.

Go take a 30-minute trial class now for only $9! There are no more than five students, so it’s more personalized. After it, you’ll get the chance to participate in a Q & A for parents to answer all your doubts.

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