Our parents are pretty excited about their child’s experience in our classes. See for yourself!

I want to tell you how happy I am with the classes for Ania – she just finished with Perla and I love hearing her speaking in SpanishI I also see that all the practice she gets in class has gotten her speaking more Spanish in other situations, on other topics and making her own sentences with Perla too! It’s been exactly the boost she needed to get her talking in Spanish again.


Both of my girls are doing your classes, we live in the South of England. Best language classes ever!! Within a few weeks or a month my daughter – who is always hard on herself and thinks she’s bad at Spanish – could understand Spanish as well as I do. I took Spanish as a third language in french schools for 6 to 8 years!


The first response my 13 yr. old had to this class was a look of terror. Terror that it was immersion, and terror that she had to speak. Even during one session, this emotion began to shift as she discovered what she could rapidly accomplish. Several sessions in, she beams after class, says things like, “this is so fun” and “I love this class”, and has even been initiating Spanish study based on what is studied in class. Maestra Perla gets right to business in a kindly manner which my daughter appreciates. My daughter loves the sense of accomplishment as well as the rapid comprehension she gets from this class. I love that she gains practice with public speaking in situations out of her comfort zone in a safe and success oriented environment. Fyi, I enrolled this student in two beginning Spanish classes on Outschool at first; the other was also excellent, with a wonderful engaging teacher in a more traditional learning style. After a month, I had my daughter choose which class she would continue. She chose this immersion experience. Thank you ,Maestra Perla!


Miss Angela thanks for your support we are happy that you are Laila’s teacher for Spanish. She really likes the way you teach and to her you are a friend who teaches her Spanish. We plan to keep the Spanish classes with you long term! If there is ever a schedule conflict please let us know we will try to keep you as her main teacher. She goes to a Spanish immersion school and when they did virtual class during school closure I noticed she wasn’t speaking much in class so I enrolled her in this program. Thank you for helping her with Spanish and boosting her confidence!

Claudia was extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable at how to best engage my child. it was my child’s first time in a class of such type and she made it unforgettably exciting. We are now signed up for the full session next week. Thanks so much for having an outstanding program. Keep up the excellent work!

I love how efficient the class is and keeps her attention. Edwardo (the teacher) is speaking Spanish a good portion of the time so it is really increasing her (my daughter) ability to hear Spanish.

My daughter really enjoyed your classes, and I have to say that I was impressed with the product you are turning out. You made a believer out of me 🙂

The Simple Homeschooler

Your class is wonderful, her teacher is very supportive and she always emails me after the class. Janan can speak Spanish in the class. Thank you so much.

Omar was positive and entertaining as well as very good at not overwhelming the kids with what they didn’t know…. He taught in steps, allowing the kids to feel accomplished with each meeting! Thank you!

Perlea (the instructor) was smart, enthusiastic, and flexible. Beautiful visual aids.


Ms. Fiona is fabulous! My son loves class with her! She is very upbeat and interactive, making the session go very well for my 7 year old. I highly recommend!

We LOVE our TruFluency Kids classes. My 5 year old has learnt SO much Spanish and he looks forward to every lesson. I was a little nervous about whether he would stay engaged the whole time, but the teachers are amazing at keeping the content fun! He literally smiles the whole class! This is an incredible resource for supporting your child’s second language acquisition!

My daughter loved the class and would love to take another!

My 5 year old is super engaged and has learned a lot of Spanish that she uses regularly at home.
Kristina G.

Today’s class was really good! I’m REALLY happy the teacher eliminated the writing portion and incorporated a game to really make the class interactive and fun. Today’s lesson was structured and had a good flow. Summer was excited that she earned so many checks and That made her really motivated.

Miss Gabriella is a high energy teacher who makes this class super fun and engaging. My son always says “mommy it was so short!” Time flies when you’re having fun I guess? He loves learning the language in this setting and feels so proud to tell me the words and phrases he’s learned afterward. Thank you so much!
B. Jenson

The approach to language learning is excellent. My daughter’s interest in learning Spanish has been low until taking these classes. She is really engaged and looks forward to them.
Krista M.

My kids enjoy the Dual Language classes and after just a few weeks they have already shown more interest in speaking Spanish at home. Micah has been extremely responsive and flexible with scheduling as well. Thank you TFK!
Sumiko F.

My four year old daughter is really enjoying her Spanish classes! They are very fun, and the songs that they learn make it easy to remember. Our teacher Nyssa is very patient and kind. Micah is super responsive via email for any questions or concerns we have had. Thank you!
Steph B.

We are absolutely in love with TruFluency Kids and our instructor. The convenience of the online classes is fantastic! My daughter Is happy to meet with her instructor online and once the class is finished, she shows me what she worked on. We will continue these classes until she’s bilingual! Thank you TruFluency!!
Isabel V.

My daughter is engaged and is learning a ton. Our neighbor speaks fluent Spanish and my daughter can keep up with her.
Kristina G.

Mito really learned so much in just the first couple of classes. Thank you!
Sahsa T.

We’re so grateful for having found a quality program at a reasonable price. Our daughter is excited about jumping into the sessions because the program is so appealing for her age, with music, games even on-line scavenger hunts. She’s starting to express herself from time to time in Spanish. Exactly what we had hoped.
Felipe M.

My daughter really enjoyed this class it was fun and kept her attention!! Also I loved that the classes were organized with engaging lessons for my daughter to follow easily.
Sara S.

This is a really good class to practice oral skill. My 13th year old son loves this class and said he now feels more confident practicing speaking Spanish. He has been learning Spanish in his regular school for a year and a half, and this class reinforces what he is learning in school by forcing him to use his vocabulary to speak.
Gigi D.

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All online Spanish class activities center around relevant, everyday phrases and not just singular vocabulary words. This allows kids to communicate more fully, more quickly. We read stories, ask questions, play word games, picture games, online games, and look for items around the house. We even have the kids make crafts or food, so learning Spanish is more like how they learned their first language!