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WHY Our Classes Work

We teach kids Spanish using The Bellieu Method — proven to be 100% effective at teaching children to become fluent Spanish speakers.

Think of how we all learned to speak and understand our primary native languages. Well, our method is centered around the same three core principles: Experience, Connection, and Story.


A big way we all learned our native language was by living in an environment where it surrounded us. Experiencing a language in an immersive setting where we observe and participate allows us to learn it faster. We take immersion even further by incorporating all the senses. For example, when teaching a child the Spanish word for “cold,” we encourage them to perform a basic action — like holding an ice cube in their hands — to enrich the experience.


Being immersed in our first language as children was only possible because of those around us. The connections and deep relationships with our families and friends at an early age is what produced those early conversations. This is why our classes are all live, with real teachers and peers. Our students often form close bonds with their classmates and teacher (which is why some parents request the same teacher year after year!).


Storytelling has been a vital part of the human experience for thousands of years. It’s foundational to how we interact, see ourselves, and understand our existence. And it has stood the test of time because stories make ideas sticky. Stories are the most effective tools we have for teaching — whether it’s history, ethics, math, science, and yes, especially language. Even the simplest stories are more powerful than spreadsheets, dictionaries, or vocabulary flash cards. (Especially to a child!)

About Our Trial Classes

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Live Classes with Native Spanish Teachers

All teachers are native speakers and also receive monthly teacher training to ensure our immersive and conversational Bellieu Method is used in every class. Teachers are bursting with energy and super fun, making sure kids have a great time while learning.

TruFluency Kids - Online Spanish Classes

Interactive Curriculum Designed Specifically for Your Child’s Age

Our online Spanish classes are available for ages 4 to 17, at any level of language learning — beginner, intermediate, and advanced. We focus on SPEAKING through stories, games, songs, and more! All curriculum is age-appropriate.

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Flexible Schedule Makes Consistency Achievable

Our live trial classes are very small (no more than 5 per class) and take place every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 5 p.m., and Saturday at 1, 2, and 3 p.m. (CT). We offer free makeup classes if you miss, so our Spanish classes are easy to attend!

*All class schedules are listed in Central Time

Families Love TruFluency Kids

Jordi Garcia
Jordi Garcia
September 26, 2023.
Have been using TruFluency kids for the last couple of years and my 2 kids Spanish has improved significantly. We are delighted with this engagement and the confidence that it provides to the kids talking a second language like Spanish.
Josie Duncan
Josie Duncan
September 25, 2023.
Such an amazing learning tool for kiddos
Krysta Tholen
Krysta Tholen
September 22, 2023.
My daughters are loving their Spanish classes! We love the flexibility of doing drop in classes to make our own schedule & since we’ve done it this way we have had many different teachers & each one has been amazing. We are only a few weeks in and my daughters (age 4 & 6) are already learning so much!
Alexis Maloney
Alexis Maloney
September 21, 2023.
Thank you again for my refund TruFluency. I still give you all a single star review for your lack of customer service. The owner should learn how to deal with the public. Yes you’re right on your Sawyer review my daughter did not take your on line classes, which we actually looked forward to. This whole email misunderstanding could have been resolved had you not been so nasty with me over phone & hung up on me TWICE. For a split second I was willing to work with TruFluency & contact Sawyer to bring down the negative review but after being hung up on TWICE, I think not. Wish you luck in your professional endeavors because you’re going to need them if this is any sign of how you works towards a resolution with your consumer.
Tiffany Traylor
Tiffany Traylor
January 19, 2023.
TruFluency is the best online spanish program that I could have found for my child. Wow!! My little one is 3 and she is absolutely obsessed with her weekly Spanish classes. She is excited for Spanish class day. She is learning so much and the classes are super engaging. If you are looking or debating, seriously, stop worrying about or second guessing, this is the program to try.
Tara Maguire
Tara Maguire
December 17, 2022.
Claudia has been wonderful for our son. The classes are exciting and engaging and we are happy with the program.
Shikha Jha
Shikha Jha
December 15, 2022.
My 7 year old is taking the lessons , it’s been almost 6 months. I love how he is progressing. The teachers are amazing, they are very very talented. They know how to keep the child eager to learn more. Also, after each class , I get a personalized email of what was done in the previous class and prep material for the next classes. What I love the most about true fluency is Orestes and Micah are always reachable. There have been multiple situations where I felt the need of discussing stuff , and they are just a phone call / email away. I get response right away. Classes can be rescheduled which is a huge plus. I am loving every bit about my child’s true fluency Spanish journey!!!! Thanks truefluency team for helping my child in his learning!!!
September 30, 2022.
Very good teachers and nice customer service. I will highly recommend TruFluency for studying Spanish.
September 29, 2022.
My daughter love this class very much. She learns many Spanish words and sentences. Also, time is very flexible. Teacher is friendly. Much affordable than local class.
Jordan Pierce
Jordan Pierce
July 26, 2022.
So far my 2 kids have been taking Spanish classes for about 3 months. They love it! Their teacher is very patient and engaging. Now I just wish there was a monthly rate option to keep it going throughout the year without the task of having to find the classes and time slots every 4 weeks.

Save Your Spot!

To create the best possible learning environment for kids, we limit each class to 5 students. This gives teachers the ability to focus on each child’s precious talk time, and limits distractions.

Because of these class limits, trial classes have a tendency to fill up quickly. If you’re interested in trying out TruFluency Kids, sign up now while there’s still availability.

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