Spanish Schools for Kids in Birdville, Texas

Texas is a state that’s very well known as multilingual. For the last few years, the Hispanic population has been rapidly growing in the United States but especially in the state of Texas according to the Texas tribune website. Birdville is not left behind as 30% of its population is Hispanic. Because of this reason, giving our kids a bilingual education can be important in order to help them have great opportunities in the future, especially if you live in Texas.

At TruFluency Kids Spanish we know that there are several options for Spanish learning in Texas. We’ve created this guide to help you find the best choice for you and your family without having to make a lot of effort! – So if you’re thinking of embarking your children on the great adventure of learning Spanish and you live in the Birdville area, just keep on reading!

Spanish Schools for Kids in Birdville, Texas

About This Resource

We are going to briefly explain to you what you will find in this guide. This guide is created in order to share with you the best Spanish immersion/ Dual language options we can find within the Birdville Independent School District (BISD) (see map) boundaries. This school district is highly ranked in Niche with an overall A- grade. Also, it is the #8 in Best School Districts in Tarrant County and it serves 22,736 students in grades PK and K-12.

As you will see, we focus only on places with an immersion or dual-language environment as we acknowledge that immersion is the best way for our children to acquire the Spanish language. Immersion means that students are completely surrounded by the language; in this way, children are learning Spanish by listening, being taught, and speaking in Spanish all the time, which means that their language acquisition develops as if they were learning their native language.

You’ll also find some Private options of Spanish schools, preschools, and after-schools because we know that each family has a different perspective on education and we want everybody to find their best fit.

Our information is updated at the moment of uploading this resource, however, we know that things change, so if at the time you’re reading this you see that any of the information has been outdated we will be delighted to hear from you, so our information is always useful to all parents. Also, if you have any experience with other schools that can be a great match for our list, please let us know!

Birdville Independent School Districts’ Spanish Immersion Programs

Spanish Schools for Kids in Birdville, Texas

BISD doesn’t have any Spanish program per se, but its Department of Multilingual Services is committed to promoting academic excellence, equity, and access for emergent English learners. With these programs, Birdville ISD ensures that every child’s native language, culture, and backgrounds are respected and useful during their learning process. Their available programs are:

One-Way Dual Language:
In this program, native Spanish-speaking students use their primary language and English to learn content and language simultaneously. This model provides 50% of instruction in Spanish and 50% of instruction in English to Spanish-speaking English learners. All of this with bilingual certified teachers.

English as a Second Language (ESL):
Birdville’s ESL programs develop through the elementary and secondary years. This program is an ESL content-based program for English learner students. It includes targeted English language development in all content areas so students whose native language is not English can learn the school’s curriculum content while developing their English skills.

Campus-Based International Newcomer Students.

Great Birdville One-Way Dual Language Schools

Even though as we said before, Birdville ISD multilingual programs are most focused on ESL learning, their One-Way Dual language focuses on English and Spanish, so this is a great program to enroll your children if you want them to start their bilingual journey. Here are some of the best-rated elementary Schools that currently have this program in BISD.
O.H. Stowe Elementary | Spanish Schools for Kids in Birdville, Texas

O.H. Stowe Elementary

This school has the mission to develop a safe environment with lifelong learners who are respectful, positive, and loving members of society by reinforcing a growth mindset within their school community.

They envision a school where they build a foundation for learning by leading by example, inspiring change, and providing opportunities that create lasting impacts in all minds and hearts of their students.

O.H. Stowe Elementary School holds #359 in Niche Standout Elementary Schools in Texas. They also have an Overall B+ Grade in Niche. This school has 609 students in grades PK and K-5.

Jack C. Binion Elementary | Spanish Schools for Kids in Birdville, Texas

Jack C. Binion Elementary

This school portrays its students as empowered members of society who have a high curriculum development because they are provided with a rigorous curriculum. Binion Elementary students are also taught to communicate and have great social and emotional development so at the end of their transit through this school they are valuable members of the society that are able to solve real-life problems and have innovative ideas that adapt to an ever-changing world.

Binion Elementary follows and claims to have BISD’s strategic mission to ensure all students are in positions to excel with integrity in an ever-changing global society, by being embedded in responsive learning environments that allow students to reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives.

This school serves 723 Students in grades PK, K-5, And has an overall B- Rating in Niche, Also, their reviews claim this school to be an excellent environment for children: “We have been nothing short of thrilled with our experience at Binion. This is our son’s second year there and everyone has been wonderful. Communication is fantastic, he’s learning a ton, and he enjoys his time at school.”

Birdville Elementary | Spanish Schools for Kids in Birdville, Texas

Birdville Elementary

Birdville Elementary is shooting for the stars! – This school has some of the best students and teachers in North Texas. Their community is all supported by their staff members and the families that are enrolled in this elementary school.

They hold #558 place in the Best Public Elementary Schools in Dallas-Fort Worth Area ranking in Niche, as well as an overall B grade.

Other One-Way Dual Language Schools

If none of the schools above has convinced you yet, here are some other options that you can keep an eye on:

1. Cheney-Hills Elementary
2. David E. Smith Elementary
3. Watauga Elementary
4. West Birdville Elementary
5. W.T Francisco Elementary

Private Schools, Preschool, and After-School Programs for Spanish Learning in the Birdville Area

Now that we’ve talked about the best public options you can find within the Birdville boundaries, now is time to talk about the best private options for Spanish immersion for children. In TFK we know that not all parents are interested in public education and as we mentioned before, this guide looks forward to being a helpful guide for parents of any kind.
Spanish Schoolhouse | Spanish Schools for Kids in Birdville, Texas

Spanish Schoolhouse

Spanish Schoolhouse is a Spanish Immersion preschool. Their main goal is to develop cultural awareness in children in the meantime they are becoming fluent in Spanish. This school makes sure that children learn cultural things like Spanish food, traditions, and music apart from the common academic subjects. Students here learn by exploring the world in Spanish with a great number of activities in the classes.

This school welcomes kids whether they have prior Spanish knowledge or not. When first starting classes, these are 50% percent in English and 50% in Spanish so the students can get used to the immersion and gradually, they get fully into the all-Spanish environment.

Spanish Schoolhouse has many other different programs such as their five-day bilingual option for kindergarteners in which they speak Spanish for three days, and two in English, or their three-day all-Spanish program. They also have an afterschool program in which they have Spanish immersion classes once or twice a week, and they even have the option of a Spanish summer camp as well.

This school is a well-rounded school that’s rated 5 out of 5 stars in Facebook Reviews and 4.6 in Google.

Bilingual Kiddie College | Spanish Schools for Kids in Birdville, Texas

Bilingual Kiddie College

This is a bilingual learning center for children that focuses their introduction to bilingualism in a very diverse and fun way as they believe this is the best environment for children. Bilingual Kiddie College has a curriculum that approaches English and Spanish immersion in a dynamic approach. They also include a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) curriculum and arts.

Bilingual Kiddie College, besides teaching Spanish, also teaches and introduces children to Sign language. BKC also enhances its teaching with music and movement which helps a lot when it comes to learning a new language. Their methodology is focused on children becoming more independent while growing up, so they are always driven to do a lot of things by themselves in order to develop their independent characteristics.

This school has excellent reviews on Yelp!

Piccolino Spanish Immersion Preschool | Spanish Schools for Kids in Birdville, Texas

Piccolino Spanish Immersion Preschool

Piccolino firmly believes that children learn by doing. Because of this, they use a hands-on curriculum that emphasizes language, literacy, social and emotional skills, physical activity, and creativity through Spanish and active learning.

Students have a comprehensive Spanish curriculum that enables them to harmoniously develop their intelligence, will and imagination at the same time that their artistic and psychomotor abilities. They believe immersion to be the vehicle for content instruction.

Piccolino is a full immersion language preschool, meaning educators speak Spanish 100% of the day, bringing support to the children if they need any help in their native language. Children incorporate new information into their lives as they can process it and comprehend it.

Piccolino Spanish Immersion Preschool has 3/5 stars on Yelp! and a 4.9 score in Facebook Reviews.

TruFluency Kids Spanish Immersion Program

How Children Learn a Second Language: Language Acquisition

Last but not least we would like to present you with our Spanish Immersion program. We’ve created this program because we know that kids are full of energy and curiosity, so our program is specially designed for children to learn while having fun.

In our Spanish Immersion program, your children will read, speak, listen, sing, dance, and even cook in Spanish! – Our teachers are all Spanish natives thoroughly trained to be experts at giving very interesting and engaging classes.

Another cool thing about our program is that it is 100% online, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t live near Birdsville, you can still enroll with us, with the security that you will find the perfect match for your availability and Spanish level. Also, our prices are super accessible because we want your children’s Spanish lessons to be the least of your preoccupations.

We also give free resources for you to practice with your children during their off-class time. If you are not convinced yet, you can read our testimonials so you can confirm that we are the best option for your kids. They look a little bit like this one:

“We LOVE our TruFluency Kids classes. My 5-year-old has learned SO much Spanish and he looks forward to every lesson. I was a little nervous about whether he would stay engaged the whole time, but the teachers are amazing at keeping the content fun! He literally smiles the whole class! This is an incredible resource for supporting your child’s second language acquisition!”

Sign up for the next 4-week session. and see your children start speaking in Español while having lots of fun.

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