Familia, it’s time for one of our TikTok mini Spanish lessons! Yes, those videos (and blogs) in which we teach you and your kids something important about this wonderful language.

Let’s be honest, as parents we always ask our kids to help us do some chores. That’s not a bad thing. All the contrary, we’re teaching them responsibility and good values. But what if we could help them improve their Spanish while doing these chores?

That’s exactly what TruFluency Kids’ maestra Brenda does in today’s lesson. Her family is coming home for a Mexican dinner. And she takes advantage of this special occasion to show us a very important Spanish lesson.

Here’s how to set the table in Spanish. After all, it’s also important for kids to learn this kind of vocabulary if they want to learn truly useful Spanish things for daily life.

Spanish Vocabulary for Setting the Table

Here are some words you’ll learn on maestra Brenda’s TikTok mini lesson for setting the table in Spanish:

  • Familia – Family
  • Casa – House / Home
  • Cena – Dinner
  • Cena mexicana – Mexican dinner
  • Mesa – Table
  • Manteles – Placements
  • Tazas – Cups
  • Platos – Dishes
  • Plato – Dish
  • Servilletas – Napkins

The best of all is that you won’t just learn individual words, but also phrases. Here are some expressions in Spanish you might use when setting the table. These phrases are common among native Spanish speakers, so be sure to learn them as they’re important.

You might also notice that some of these phrases will use the words above. So kids will learn them through context and not just by memorizing the list.


  • Viene mi familia a mi casa – My family is coming home
  • Vamos a tener una cena mexicana – We’re having a Mexican dinner
  • Necesitamos poner la mesa – We need to set the table
  • ¿Me ayudas? – Can you help me?
  • Pongo las tazas – I put the cups
  • Lo pongo en la mesa – I put it on the table
  • ¡Se me rompió! – It broke
  • Ni modo – Oh well
  • ¡Listo, ya quedó! – Done, it’s ready!
  • Ya está la mesa – The table is set

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Tips to Help Your Kids Set the Table in Spanish

If you want your children to truly learn the vocabulary above, here are some tips for you to help them do that.

Set an example. You can ask them to help you set the table together. While doing that, start speaking Spanish, you can use the words or phrases above. For example: when you’re about to put a dish on the table, tell them “este es un plato” (this is a dish).

Or “lo pongo en la mesa” (I put it on the table). This will encourage them to start using their own Spanish skills. You could also ask them questions while doing this. For example: “¿Cómo se llama esto?” while pointing at the cups, so they must answer you in Spanish.

Watch TruFluency Kids Spanish TikTok lesson for setting the table with maestra Brenda. By watching this video, kids will learn even more Spanish words and phrases for setting the table. But that’s not it. They’ll also learn the correct pronunciation of each word.

Plus, it’ll be easier for them to know what each word and phrase means, as they’ll watch maestra Brenda do the activities she’s talking about. Basically, they’ll see the context and learn through it.

Repeat. Here’s a tip we learned from this lesson. Children have to repeat what they’re saying so they reinforce the new knowledge. For example: Let’s say you two are setting the table while speaking Spanish. Then, make sure that when they put the cups on the table and they say “pongo las tazas”, they repeat that phrase at least twice. They can also repeat the phrases they hear on this video right after maestra Brenda says them.

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Congrats! Your kids have mastered a very important and truly useful Spanish topic. Now you can ask them in Spanish to please set the table and they’ll understand. That means they’re ready for more.

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