Math is one of the most complicated subjects for students, even more if it’s in another language, like Spanish. Many bilingual people find it complicated to think about math in their second language. So when it’s time to do math they do it in their mother tongue. Whatever makes it easier for them, right? But the truth is, when you’re learning a new language it’s important to know math as well.

Take for example the Spanish language. It’s a very beneficial language for kids. If your children are learning it, they probably love it. But for some it can get complicated at times, especially in terms of grammar, and then you add math to the formula? They can get overwhelmed and we don’t want it.

The first thing to solve math problems in Spanish is learning the basic math words and phrases in Spanish. Knowing the vocabulary is a huge step toward the right direction. Good news: TruFluency Kids is here to help them with that!

45 Spanish Math Words

  1. Mathematics / Math – Matemáticas / Mate
  2. Mathematics class / Math class – Clase de matemáticas / Clase de mate
  3. Numbers – Números
  4. Math problem – Problema matemático
  5. Mathematical formula – Fórmula matemática
  6. Mathematical operation – Operación matemática
  7. Addition / Sum – Suma
  8. To add – Sumar
  9. Plus – Más
  10. Plus sign – Signo más
  11. Subtraction – Resta
  12. To subtract – Restar
  13. Minus – Menos
  14. Minus sign – Signo menos
  15. Multiplication – Multiplicación
  16. To multiply – Multiplicar
  17. By – Por
  18. Multiplication sign – Signo de multiplicación
  19. Division – División
  20. To divide – Dividir
  21. Division symbol – Signo de división
  22. Fraction – Fracción
  23. Proper fractions – Fracciones propias
  24. Improper fractions – Fracciones impropias
  25. Mixed fractions – Fracciones mixtas
  26. Numerator – Numerador
  27. Denominator – Denominador
  28. Square root – Raíz cuadrada
  29. Algebra – Álgebra
  30. Calculus – Cálculo
  31. To calculate – Calcular
  32. Equation – Ecuación
  33. Equal to – Igual a
  34. Total – Total
  35. Calculator – Calculadora
  36. To count – Contar
  37. Percentage – Porcentaje
  38. Roman numerals – Números romanos
  39. Ordinal numbers – Números ordinales
  40. Cardinal numbers – Números cardinales
  41. Positive numbers – Números positivos
  42. Negative numbers – Números negativos
  43. Prime number – Número primo
  44. Times tables – Tablas de multiplicar
  45. Half – Mitad

20 Spanish Geometry Words

Geometry is a branch of mathematics and many kids study it in school. So, here are some basic words about geometry in Spanish.

  1. Geometry – Geometría
  2. Angle – Ángulo
  3. Height – Altura
  4. Width – Ancho
  5. Length – Longitud
  6. Circumference – Circunferencia
  7. Diameter – Diámetro
  8. Radius – Radio
  9. Perimeter – Perímetro
  10. Area – Área
  11. Volume – Volumen
  12. Geometric Figure – Figura geométrica
  13. Triangle – Triángulo
  14. Square – Cuadrado
  15. Circle – Círculo
  16. Cono – Cone
  17. Cylinder – Cilindro
  18. Cube – Cubo
  19. Sphere – Esfera
  20. Pair of compasses / Compass – Compás

Math Phrases in Spanish

Here are some phrases in Spanish your kids might hear at school during math class.

  • Let’s count from one to ten. / Vamos a contar del uno al diez.
  • Use your fingers to count. / Usa tus dedos para contar.
  • We’re going to learn to add. / Vamos a aprender a sumar.
  • Time to learn the times tables. / Hora de aprender las tablas de multiplicar.
  • There will be many math problems on the exam, so study very well. / En el examen van a venir varios problemas matemáticos, así que estudien muy bien.
  • How much is five plus five? / ¿Cuánto es cinco más cinco?
  • How much is a hundred minus fifty? / ¿Cuánto es cien menos cincuenta?
  • Divide four by eight. / Dividan cuatro entre ocho.
  • What’s twelve divided by four? / ¿Cuánto es doce entre cuatro? Or ¿cuánto es doce dividido entre cuatro?
  • Two times five? / ¿Dos por cinco?
  • Please, tell me the nine times table. / Por favor, dígame la tabla del nueve.
  • You can’t use a calculator on the exam. / No pueden usar calculadora en el examen.
  • Nineteen plus thirty is equal to… / Diecinueve más treinta es igual a…
  • What’s the square root of three? / ¿Cuál es la raíz cuadrada de tres?

We also have a blog about numbers in Spanish, so your kids can learn to count in Spanish.

Add to Your Kids’ Spanish Education with TruFluency Kids

Now your kid can learn the most important vocabulary to succeed in their math classes in Spanish. But now they have to put it into practice. They must speak using the words above and learn the correct pronunciation.

That way they’ll be able to think about math in Spanish and solve math problems in Spanish more easily. They’ll also be able to participate in class.

If you’re wondering where they can practice their new Spanish math vocabulary, we’re here to help! TruFluency Kids offer Spanish lessons based on the Bellieu Method. It consists of speaking using what you’ve learned.

That way the new knowledge will stick to their brains and won’t forget it. That’s why we have speaking time in every lesson.

And we not only teach math vocabulary, but also other words and phrases for all kinds of situations. You can be sure your kids will learn useful things for the real world.

Plus, it won’t be boring, because we teach through games, crafting, songs and all kinds of activities in Spanish.

To make it easier for you, all our classes are completely online and we have flexible schedules.

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