Changes can be scary. If you’re planning to move to a Spanish-speaking country, you might be worried about your kids’ performance at school. It’s a brand-new language, after all. Or maybe you’re not moving, but your kids got accepted into that fantastic Spanish immersion school!

Either way, it’s useful for kids to know a few Spanish words and phrases before starting school. That way they will be able to reach their full potential and move around school freely. It’ll be easier for them to make friends and can even impress their new teachers with their knowledge.

To help them out, we have put together useful Spanish words and phrases for kids to use at school and feel more confident. Starting school knowing this Spanish vocabulary will help them personally and academically.

30 Spanish Words Related to School

Here is a list to know how to say the most common academic words in Spanish:

  • Escuela / Colegio – School
  • Instituto – Institute
  • Lápiz – Pencil
  • Pluma – Pen
  • Goma – Eraser
  • Regla – Ruler
  • Cuaderno – Notebook
  • Libro – Book
  • Tijeras – Scissors
  • Biblioteca – Library
  • Compañeros – Classmates
  • Amigos – Friends
  • Pizarrón – Blackboard
  • Pupitre – Desk
  • Uniforme – Uniform
  • Salón / Salón de clases – Classroom
  • Maestro (male) / Maestra (female) – Teacher
  • Profesor (Male) / Profesora (female) – Professor
  • Estudiantes / Alumnos – Students
  • Examen – Test
  • Exámenes – Tests
  • Temario – Syllabus
  • Recreo / Receso – Break / Recess
  • Director –  Principal’s office
  • Hora de salida – Dismissal time
  • Materias / Asignaturas – Subjects
  • Primaria – Elementary / Primary school
  • Secundaria – Middle school / Junior high school / Secondary school
  • Preparatoria – High school
  • Universidad – University / College

And here are the names of some materias in Spanish. So your kids won’t be too lost with their curriculum:

  • Español – Spanish
  • Inglés – English
  • Matemáticas – Math
  • Ciencias Naturales – Natural Sciences
  • Computación / Informática – Computing
  • Educación Física – Physical Education
  • Geografía – Geography
  • Formación Cívica y Ética – Civics and Ethics
  • Biología – Biology
  • Química – Chemistry
  • Arte / Educación Artística – Art
  • Música – Music

Spanish Phrases For Kids to Introduce Themselves

Usually, teachers want to get to know their students, so they ask them to introduce themselves in front of everybody. If your kids are in a Spanish school, they might have to speak in Spanish. Here are a few words and phrases they could use to present themselves:

  • Hola, mi nombre es… – Hello my name is…
  • Hola, yo soy… – Hello, I am… *This is more casual than the one before.
  • Me gusta… – I like…
  • Mi materia favorita es… – My favorite subject is…
  • Soy de… – I’m from…
  • Nací en... – I was born in…

Important Questions to Ask in Spanish

There might be moments in which your kid can’t find his/her new classroom, or need to go to the bathroom. Here are some questions so they won’t feel completely lost:

  • Tengo una duda.* – I have a doubt.
  • Tengo una pregunta.* – I have a question. *Okay, this might not necessarily be questions, but it’s good for when you want to ask something!
  • ¿Sabe en dónde está el salón…? – Do you know where the …. (classroom is)?
  • Maestro (a), ¿puedo ir al baño, por favor? – Teacher, may I go to the bathroom, please?
  • ¿En dónde se encuentra el baño? – Where is the bathroom?
  • ¿Me prestas tu lápiz?* – Can I borrow your pencil? *Perfect in case you lose something, like your pencil.
  • Me siento mal, ¿puedo ir a la enfermería? – I don’t feel good. Can I go to the school clinic?

Words and Phrases to Make New Friends

Making friends is as important as getting good grades. Friends will be there for your kids, to support them and make them laugh. They might go to their birthday parties, or accompany them on school field trips.

Plus, friends are also important for teamwork. Though sometimes teachers will decide who works with whom; other times they’ll let the students teach their teams or partner. And kids will usually choose their friends because they know they’ll have a good time working together.

So, here are some great expressions to speak with a future friend:

  • Hola, soy nuevo. Mi nombre es… – Hi, I’m new. My name is…
  • ¿Quieres jugar conmigo? – Do you want to play with me?
  • Ven, únete a nuestro equipo. – Come, join our team.
  • Te invito a mi casa. – I’m inviting you to my home.
  • Gusto en conocerte. / Mucho gusto. – Nice to meet you.
  • Te invito de mi almuerzo. – You can share / have some of my lunch.
  • ¿A qué te gusta jugar? – What do you like to play?
  • ¿Hiciste la tarea? – Did you do your homework?

Keep Practicing Spanish After School

Going to a new school is always terrifying, even more so if they speak another language. So make sure to tell your kids that it’s okay if they make mistakes. You can also practice some of these words and phrases before your kid’s first day at Spanish school. They will feel more confident if they’ve already spoken Spanish with someone they trust.

Even if they’re already in their Spanish school, they need to keep practicing after school hours so they get fluent. Here at TruFluency Kids, we have great Spanish immersion classes. And they’re all online. So we can teach your kids even if you have just moved to another country.

What is even better is that our Bellieu Method believes in getting your kids fluent through fun activities, everyday vocabulary, and encouraging dialogue. They’ll sing, dance, and play in Spanish. This method will make them have more fun and feel safer, even when they make mistakes.

So, whether your kids are already taking Spanish classes at their school, or you want them to, TruFluency Kids can help in their language journey. Take a trial class now to see more of how we work. Then enroll your kids in our next four-week session