The Fourth of July is one of the most important days in the United States. After all, it’s Independence Day. You’re probably going to celebrate it by doing something super cool, like attending a parade, a party, or with a barbeque with your family. Let’s not forget to hang the American flag and wear something that represents the country.

All these fun celebrations are exactly why kids also love to celebrate this day. So, be sure to include them.

Plus, besides learning the history and culture of the U.S., honoring Independence Day, and having fun, your kids can also learn Spanish during this day. No, we’re not kidding! Just add some Spanish words and phrases to your Fourth of July plans. You’ll notice kids will learn and improve their Spanish skills by doing something they love: celebrating their country.

Think about it, acquiring Spanish for Independence Day will come in handy if you and your children ever live in a Spanish speaking country. Or if your children’s Spanish school plans to commemorate the Fourth of July. It’ll also be useful simply to acquire vocabulary to celebrate holidays and special days in Spanish.

30 Spanish Words for Independence Day

  1. Fourth of July – Cuatro de Julio
  2. Independence Day – Día de la Independencia
  3. 1776 – Mil setecientos setenta y seis
  4. United States of America (USA) – Estados Unidos de América (EUA)
  5. Declaration of Independence – Declaración de Independencia
  6. American Flag – Bandera Americana
  7. American – Americana (female) / Americano (male)
  8. Red – Rojo
  9. White – Blanco
  10. Blue – Azul
  11. Stars – Estrellas
  12. Liberty bell – Campana de la libertad
  13. Constitution – Constitución
  14. Parade – Desfile
  15. Patriot / Patriotic – Patriota
  16. Statue of Liberty – Estatua de la Libertad
  17. Congress – Congreso
  18. Colonies – Colonias
  19. National Anthem – Himno Nacional
  20. Army – Ejército
  21. History – Historia
  22. Nation – Nación
  23. Homeland – Patria
  24. Freedom – Libertad
  25. Celebration – Celebración
  26. Commemoration – Conmemoración
  27. Honor – Honor
  28. Proud – Orgullo (noun) / Orgulloso (male adj.) / Orgullosa (female adj.)
  29. Annual – Anual
  30. Year – Año

8 Spanish Words to Celebrate the Fourth of July

The words above are highly important to learn for Independence Day and absolutely work to celebrate this day. But there are some more specific words that are useful for the celebrations. Here are those words perfect to decorate and party during the Fourth of July:

  1. Fireworks – Fuegos artificiales
  2. Party – Fiesta
  3. Ceremony – Ceremonia
  4. Balloons – Globos
  5. Barbecue – Asado / Parrillada / Barbacoa / Carne asada
  6. Concert – Concierto
  7. Family reunion – Reunión familiar
  8. Parade – Desfile

10 Questions in Spanish for the 4th of July

One of the best things you can do to motivate your kids to speak in Spanish is ask them questions about a specific topic. It’s better if it’s a topic they like, they’re excited about, or they know many things about.

For example, it can be about a Netflix show, a movie, their favorite book in Spanish, a sport, or a holiday. To help you, here are some questions in Spanish related to the 4th of July to ask your children:

  1. What do you like the most about the 4th of July? / ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta del Cuatro de Julio?
  2. What are you most excited for this year’s Independence Day? / ¿Qué es lo que más te emociona del Día de la Independencia de este año?
  3. Would you prefer to celebrate with a barbecue or by going to the 4th of July parade? / ¿Preferirías celebrar con un asado o yendo al desfile del Cuatro de Julio?
  4. How are you going to celebrate the Independence Day at your school? / ¿Cómo van a celebrar el Día de la Independencia en tu escuela?
  5. Tell me which ideas you have to decorate the house for the 4th of July. Do we need to make a craft? It’d be so much fun! / Dime qué ideas tienes para decorar la casa para el Cuatro de Julio. ¿Necesitamos hacer una manualidad? ¡Sería muy divertido!
  6. Do you know the story of Independence Day? Tell me about it, please; I don’t know it very well. / ¿Sabes la historia del Día de la Independencia? Cuéntame sobre ella, por favor, yo no me la sé muy bien.
  7. Which words in Spanish related to the 4th of July do you know? Wow! So cool! / ¿Qué palabras en español relacionadas al Cuatro de Julio sabes? ¡Wow! ¡Qué padre!
  8. Did you like the 4th of July celebration? What was your favorite part? / ¿Te gustó la celebración del Cuatro de Julio? ¿Cuál fue tu parte favorita?
  9. How are your friends going to celebrate the Independence Day? / ¿Cómo van a celebrar el Día de la Independencia tus amigos?
  10. Is the 4th of July your favorite holiday? Why? / ¿El Cuatro de Julio es tu Día festivo favorito? ¿Por qué?

14 Phrases in Spanish to Celebrate the 4th of July

Here are some questions and phrases in Spanish your kids can use to get in the spirit, talk about, and celebrate the 4th of July:

  1. Happy 4th of July! / ¡Feliz Cuatro de Julio!
  2. What I liked the most about the 4th of July is going to celebrate at the beach. / Lo que más me gusta del Cuatro de Julio es ir a celebrar a la playa.
  3. Mom, can we go to the 4th of July concert, please? / Mamá, ¿podemos ir al concierto del Cuatro de Julio, por favor?
  4. I’m going to wear a white, red and blue outfit for Independence Day. It’s going to look very patriotic! / Voy a usar un atuendo blanco, rojo y azul para el Día de la Independencia. ¡Se va a ver muy patriota!
  5. Proud to be American. / Orgulloso(a) de ser Americano(a).
  6. USA is the home of the free. / EUA es el hogar de los libres.
  7. Next Monday we’re going to learn about the Independence Day in class. / El siguiente Lunes vamos a aprender sobre el Día de la Independencia en clase.
  8. I’m so excited for the 4th of July! / ¡Estoy muy emocionado(a) por el Cuatro de Julio!
  9. We’re going to decorate the classroom with drawing of the American flag. / Vamos a decorar el salón de clases con dibujos de la bandera Americana.
  10. Oh my god! The 4th of July parade was amazing! / ¡Oh, dios mío! ¡El desfile del Cuatro de Julio fue asombroso!
  11. I’m a patriot! / ¡Soy patriota!
  12. I just learned the National Anthem at school. Do you want me to sing it? / Acabo de aprender el Himno Nacional en la escuela. ¿Quieres que lo cante?
  13. Look at my patriotic hat; it looks so cool! / Mira mi sombrero patriota. ¡Se ve genial!
  14. I had so much fun at this year’s 4th of July celebrations! / ¡Me divertí mucho en las celebraciones del Cuatro de Julio de este año!

Tips to Truly Learn Spanish Vocabulary for the 4th of July

Besides asking questions, is there something else you could do to help your kids acquire words and phrases in Spanish for the 4th of July? Well of course!

Play memory card game
On our blog, we have a DIY on how to make a memory card game to learn Spanish. There, we offer a list of Spanish words for kids you can use on your memory game. But, in this case, you should use the vocabulary above, since it’s about learning words for Independence Day.

It’s not very complicated. Basically, you just have to write down a Spanish word in one card and in another one put an image of that word. Then do the same with other words. So, why don’t you check out our DIY blog and do it with your kids?

Think about it: This is a double Spanish learning activity! You’ll make a cool, unique craft with your kids, while learning Spanish in the process of making it. Then. To reinforce the knowledge, you’ll play the game. It’s time well-spent and it doesn’t really feel like studying.

Plus, you’ll get to spend fun moments with your kids and make beautiful memories together.

Plan the celebration together
The 4th of July is all about celebrating and commemorating along with family and friends. This means that a lot of people plan dinners, barbecues and parties. What’s something all of these celebrations have in common? Decoration and food!

Whether it’s a huge, fancy celebration or just a small family reunion, planning the party with your kids is a fun idea. It’s also a beneficial activity for their 4th of July Spanish vocabulary acquisition. You can cook together; it doesn’t matter if it’s a big dish or just a snack. You can also decorate the place together.

Just make sure to use some of the words and phrases above while you do all this. For example, if you’re planning a barbecue, tell your children you’re making a “parrillada” for the “Cuatro de Julio”. And that you’re going to hang some “globos”. Or ask them to speak in Spanish along with you using the words they’ve learned.

You can also say or ask your kids how to say some veggies in Spanish while cooking together. So they also learn vocabulary for the kitchen. This is especially good if your kids are more intermediate or advanced learners and are ready to speak more Spanish.

Tell them all about Independence Day
Children have to know what they’re celebrating, right? Tell them the story of the 4th of July, all about the Independence Day, during any break or time you have. It can even be a bedtime story!

Just two things. First: Tell the story in Spanish if you know the language. If you don’t know it, just add some Spanish words and phrases every now and then. You can learn the vocabulary above for this.

Second: Make it fun! Act some parts of the story. You can do this just by making gestures according to the story and different voices to represent characters.

DIY: 4th of July Tie Dye T-shirt

For the 4th of July celebrations many Americans love to wear red, white and blue outfits, or even clothes with the American flag. That’s because they’re super patriotic. So they want to show their pride for the USA in all the possible ways, even through their clothes.

Kids don’t have to be the exception to that. They can have as much fun wearing an outfit that represents their country as adults do. Even better, they can have fun making that outfit too! Can you imagine? Your children making their own Independence Day outfit, while learning about American history and Spanish?

Well, TFK shows you how to make that happen. Here’s the tutorial for a Tie Dye 4th of July shirt.

What you’ll need:

  • White t-shirt – Playera blanca
  • Rubber bands – Bandas elásticas / Ligas
  • Red dye – Tinte rojo
  • Blue dye – Tinte azul
  • 2 plastic bags – Dos bolsas de plástico
  • Puffy paint (preferably white) – Pintura inflable (preferentemente blanca)


  1. Soak or dampen the t-shirt. Let it absorb the water a little bit and then squeeze any water that’s left in the t-shirt.
  2. Put your shirt on one of the plastic bags.
  3. Fold the t-shirt in any way you want, make various folds. Tied it with some rubber bands to keep the t-shirt folded the way you chose.
  4. Start applying your red and blue dyes in any way you want. It’s up to your likes and imagination. Remember to leave some white spaces, because this color is also part of the American flag. This could be the coolest step for kids to do.
  5. Wrap your t-shirt inside the second plastic bag. Leave it there for around six hours. It’s better if you put it under the sun.
  6. Cut the rubber bands.
  7. Wash the t-shirt.
  8. Once the shirt is dried, grab the puffy paint (we recommend white, so it sticks out in the blue and red colors, but it’s still within the American colors). Then, paint a big star in the center of the t-shirt. Or if you prefer, paint small stars on the top right side of it, so it looks like the U.S. flag).

There you go! Your children are ready to look fashionable at your Independence Day celebrations.

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