Spanish Schools for Kids in Chino Valley, California

The Chino Valley, California area is a great place to learn Spanish as a second language due to its Hispanic/Latino diversity. Plus, the popularity of the Spanish language keeps growing around the world.

Now, more than ever, it’s important for kids to learn this language. It’ll help them make friends and have great future career opportunities. But we know that it can be difficult to choose one bilingual school for your kids.

That’s why here at TruFluency Kids we’ve created this guide for Spanish schools in Chino Valley, California. Take a look and choose the best option for you and your kids.

Chino Valley California USD Schools

About This Resource

Something that you’ll notice along the guide is that we will recommend many Spanish immersion classes. That is because we believe that immersion is the best way to learn a new language.

This method is about learning in a full Spanish environment. So kids will acquire their second language the way they acquired their first one, and they’ll become fluent in it.

First, we will show you the best schools from Chino Valley Unified School District (CH USD) (see map). This is the fourth best school district in San Bernardino County, according to Niche. It’s also the 2022 62nd most diverse school district in California, and the 2022 124th best school district in California.

Plus, Chino Valley USD has a World Languages program, in which they teach different languages, including Spanish. And they’re thinking about implementing a Spanish Dual Language Immersion program for the 2023-2024 school year. As they only have a Mandarin Dual Language Immersion program currently.

Then, we will also show some private preschools and after-schools with Spanish classes.

Have any recommendations? Tell us all about your favorite Spanish schools, so we can add the best ones to our guide.

You can also contact us if you see anything outdated, so we can modify the article with the latest information. Our goal is to give you and all parents the best Spanish school guidance possible.

Chino Valley USD World Languages Program

Spanish Schools for Kids in Chino Valley, California

Their World Languages program is available for secondary students that are studying at a high school level. It’s not an elective, it is part of their curriculum. There are seven different AP languages: American Sign language, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

They have eleven standards for the study of foreign languages. And all standards aim to study the five areas of the National Foreign Language Standards, which are communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities.

Their language learning journey is divided into three stages of learning: beginning, developing, and expanding. And these stages are made of different levels. The beginning stage is composed of level I and it can extend onto level II. The developing stage might begin in level II, is composed of level III, and it may extend onto level IV. The expanding stage might begin in level IV and extend onto level VI.

You can learn more about the stages and standards of the World Languages program by reading their instructional guideline.

They also have Honors 3 and 4 levels for each of their languages, except for Portuguese, which only has Honors 3 level. In these courses, students will learn different content and have different assignments.

For the Spanish Honors 3, they’ll learn vocabulary about personal relationships, daily life, health, and more. And their assignments will be based on the five areas of the National Foreign Language Standards. Some of the assignments will be to describe the weather, research the traditional costumes of Spanish speaking countries, reading poetry, and even go to an international soccer game. And the Spanish Honors 4 is also based on those five areas and eleven standards discussed above.

There are also Advanced Placement (AP) language levels for French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish. They focus on developing communication in their students. That’s why some of their goals are making the students understand formal and informal language, and being able to express themselves fluently in both the written and oral form.

Chino Valley USD Schools for Spanish Learning

Here are some of the best Chino Valley USD schools that teach Spanish through their World Languages program.
Don Antonio Lugo High School

Don Antonio Lugo High School

They want their students to acquire all the skills necessary to be admitted into college and to have a great career. They have a school motto that goes: “One school, One family”.

Don Antonio Lugo HS offers the Advanced Placement courses for Spanish 4 and Spanish 5. According to them, some of the benefits of their AP Spanish classes are getting to know the Spanish-speaking world and its history, improve your Spanish pronunciation, and it gives you the chance to take the AP exam.

Some of the activities for AP Spanish 4 are brainstorming, presentations, and interactive readings. And there are six essential topics that they’ll see: global challenges, science and technology, contemporary life, personal and public identities, families and communities, and beauty and aesthetics.

As you can see, they won’t just learn the language rules, but also other topics in Spanish. This is learning the language through context. There will be an exam composed of two sections (multiple choice and free response) with different activities, like “Interpretative Communication: Print Texts” and “Presentational Speaking: Cultural Comparison”. In the AP Spanish 5 classes, students learn about literature and the literary resources. Some of the activities are writing essays and working in teams.

This is the 4th best Chino Valley USD high school, according to U.S. News & World Report. Also stated by them, 19% of their students are proficient in math, and 49% are proficient in reading. They have a minority enrollment of 88%, of which 82.5% is Hispanic/Latino. This makes it the perfect school to learn Spanish beyond the classes, by making international friends and speaking with them. This way your kids will also learn about their Hispanic friends’ cultures.

They’re rated 5/5 on GreatSchools, 3.6/5 on Niche and 3.9/5 on Google.

Chino Hills High School

Chino Hills High School

Chino Hills HS offers Spanish level I, II, and III, as well as Spanish Honors III. Plus, they also offer a Spanish for Spanish speakers’ course, and a Spanish for Spanish speakers 2 Honors course.

They also have an Advanced Placement program. In which they have different AP classes for many subjects related to language arts, foreign languages, sciences, math, history and social sciences, and visual and performing arts.

In the AP foreign languages, they have lessons for four languages: French, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish. They have Spanish 4 AP and Spanish 5 AP. Both courses have the College Board’s curriculum. They focus on making their students achieve active communication by working hard towards some goals, like acquiring vocabulary to understand what they read, learning to speak fluently, and more.

According to U.S. News & World Report, this is the second-best high school in Chino Valley USD. 50% of their student population is proficient in math, 65% is proficient in reading, and 48% is proficient in science. They have a minority enrollment of 80.2%, with Hispanic people making up the 43%. They’re rated 2.9/5 on GreatSchools and 4.4/5 on Google.

Ruben S. Ayala High School

Ruben S. Ayala High School

Ruben S. Ayala HS offers Spanish classes to learn the language and the different cultures from Spanish-speaking countries. They want the students to develop skills in writing, reading, listening and speaking. Some of the class activities are role-play, presentations, and discussions.

There’s also an Advanced Placement program for Chinese, French and Spanish languages. They also have a Spanish club with tutorial sessions on certain days.

Throughout the years, the Ayala HS has received many different awards: the California Distinguished School in 2011 and 2019, the California Gold Ribbon School in 2015, and most recently the 2022 California Pivotal Practice Award.

According to the U.S. News & World Report, this is the best high school in Chino Valley USD. And it’s the 11th best high school in the Riverside, CA area. 44% of their student population is proficient in math, and 65% is proficient in reading. They have 38.7% of Hispanic enrollment.

It’s rated 3.4/5 stars on Great Schools, and 3.2/5 stars on Google.

Other Chino Valley USD Schools

Here are some Chino Valley USD campuses that don’t offer a World Languages program, but are still great academic options.
Country Springs Elementary

Country Springs Elementary

Country Springs ES wants their students to have a fruitful future career by developing skills like communication, creativity and critical thinking. They follow the Common Core State Standards.

They have received different awards throughout the school’s history. They have been awarded with the California Distinguished School Award four times. They also have been granted the National Blue Ribbon Award two times, and the PBIS Silver Award since 2018.

This is the best Chino Valley USD elementary school, according to U.S. News & World Report. Their students achieved 73% of math proficiency, and 81% of reading proficiency. They’re rated 3.6/5 stars on GreatSchools and 4.9/5 stars on Google.

Edwin Rhodes Elementary

Edwin Rhodes Elementary

Edwin Rhodes ES offers chess, debate, color guard, Rhodettes and Green Team clubs. They also have a performance choir for kids from 4th to 6th grade. They have performed in front of people several times. They also hold a virtual talent show.

The school has been awarded the California PBIS Silver Award in 2018, 2019 and 2021.This is also the third best Chino Valley elementary school, as stated by U.S. News & World Report. 69% of their student population is proficient in math, and 73% is proficient in reading. Plus, they have a minority enrollment of 87.2%, of which 44.3% is Hispanic/Latino. This means that, even if there’s no Spanish dual language program, your children still can learn some Spanish by speaking with their foreign classmates.

They’re rated 4.7/5 stars on GreatSchools, 3.8/5 stars on Niche, and 4.3/5 stars on Google.

Private Schools, Preschool, and After-School Programs for Spanish Learning

We know that every family and kid has different needs, schedules, budgets, and living locations. You might want a Spanish immersion summer camp for your kids, or a school that offers Spanish classes for your toddler. That’s why we took on the task of gathering the best private schools for Spanish learning.

Nuestra Escuelita Spanish Academy

Nuestra Escuelita Spanish Academy

Nuestra Escuelita Spanish Academy offers Spanish immersion classes in person and online, academic Spanish summer classes, and cultural summer camps. Their programs are for kids from 18 months to 13 years old.

They have small groups for their Spanish immersion lessons, with a maximum of 10 students. So kids can have personalized classes. A great plus is that their teachers are native Spanish speakers. They will help your children learn about the culture of Spanish countries.

There are different methods of instruction. For example: using technology, such as iPads and the Kahoot app; the Total Physical Response (TPR) method, and project-based learning. All the students also get a free Raz-Kids subscription. The online classes are taught through zoom, and the teachers are the same as the ones in the face-to-face classes.

They have conversational and literacy classes. Their conversational lessons have three levels depending on your kids’ Spanish knowledge. If children don’t know any Spanish, they can start on Level I, and move on from there. They focus on making their students develop conversation skills through fun activities, like reading-aloud, songs, poems, crafting, and more.

In their literacy classes their younger kids are ages 3-4. And they’re targeted for students of a Dual Immersion program or fluent Spanish speakers. The classes are focused on reading comprehension and reading fluency. As they get older, kids also learn to write. These classes are instructed both during the academic year and in the summer time through the Academic Spanish Summer classes.

In the cultural summer camps, kids will learn the culture, geography, art disciplines, and food from different Spanish-speaking countries. Their goal is for kids attending their camps to become bilingual, biliterate, and multicultural.

It’s rated 5/5 on Google.

Kiddie Academy of Chino Hills

Kiddie Academy of Chino Hills

Kiddie Academy of Chino Hills offers many programs: infant care, toddler care, early preschool, preschool, and pre-kindergarten.

The Spanish lessons at Kiddie Academy start in the toddler care program. They will start with the most basic elements of the language. Teachers encourage the students to keep practicing at home by using the words “hola”, “adiós” and “gracias”, which are very easy.

Then, in their early preschool program, they learn how to say “eyes” and “mouth” in Spanish. Kids help themselves by drawing the words they’re learning. This is great because visuals are always a great way to approach language learning. For the practice at home, they suggest that your kid draws a face and then practice the words they learned at school.

It’s rated 4.8/5 on GreatSchools and 4.5/5 on Google.

Chino Hills KinderCare

Chino Hills KinderCare

Chino Hills KinderCare has many different programs: infant, toddler, discovery preschool, preschool, prekindergarten, kindergarten, before-and-after school, interactive kindergarten, and school break programs. The Spanish lessons are part of the prekindergarten curriculum. This prepares students for a bilingual kindergarten.

KinderCare also likes to celebrate Hispanic heritage month through fun activities. For example: in the past, children have painted a mural inspired by Frida Kahlo. They also encourage kids to celebrate this month by doing interesting projects at home honoring famous Hispanic people.

The school is rated 5/5 stars on Facebook and GreatSchools and 4.1/5 stars on Google. Here’s a review from a Google user: “I am extremely pleased with Kindercare Chino Hills. Julie, the Director, and all the amazing teachers have taken such good care of my granddaughter for almost two years now. She is learning so much and is so happy to go to school every day. I appreciate that it is a clean, safe and happy place for all the children.”

TruFluency Kids Spanish Immersion Program

How Children Learn a Second Language: Language Acquisition

TruFluency Kids’ Spanish classes are a great option if you want your kids to achieve fluency in Spanish. We are not about memorizing vocabulary lists and that’s it; we want your kids to acquire Spanish like they acquired their native language. This means, learning through music, dancing, cooking, crafting, and playing. All in a 100% Spanish environment.

All of our teachers are native Spanish speakers. So your kids will learn idioms and everyday vocabulary that will make them sound like a true native. They’ll also learn about Spanish-speaking cultures.

Our classes are completely online, seven days a week from 9am to 9pm (CST). So it doesn’t matter where you live, you can learn with us. And even if your kids already take Spanish classes, it’s always important to reinforce the language after school hours. What better way to do it than with TruFluency Kids fun and engaging Spanish lessons? You can check our testimonials to convince yourself.

Sign up now and give your kids the opportunity to achieve Spanish fluency.

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