It’s important for kids to start learning Spanish vocabulary about Hispanic cultures from a young age. That way, they’ll start learning about different countries and traditions and will grow up with more cultural awareness.

Putting that vocabulary into practice, like using them in sentences, is just as important. After all, children have to know how to use in a casual way the words they learn. This will help them with their fluency. Remember, practice makes perfect.

We know it can be hard, so maybe let your kids start with just a couple of questions and phrases. These can be related to one topic that’s important for life or that they love.

Good news, maestro (teacher) Neftalí can teach us! For today’s lesson, he has the perfect Mexican expressions for your kids to learn. The best? They’re about food!

How to Say “Have You Tried” in Spanish and Other Expressions

Maestro Neftalí is a TruFluency Kids Spanish Immersion teacher, and he knows how much we love food and talking about our favorite dishes. He also knows many delicious Mexican foods. That’s why he will help us learn how to ask “have you tried?” in Spanish, as well as some answers.

This is a great way to start a conversation with another kid and make friends! Think about it: how cool would it be to bond over food! It’s also awesome to get to know Mexican gastronomy.

Mexican food words maestro Neftalí teaches us in this lesson:

  • Mexican Food – Comida Mexicana
  • Pozole
  • Tamales
  • Guacamole
  • Tacos

Here are some questions and answers he teaches us:

For singular:

  • Have you tried pozole? – ¿Has probado el pozole?
  • Yes, I’ve tried it – Sí, sí lo he probado.
  • No, I haven’t tried it – No, no lo he probado.

For plural:

  • Have you tried tamales? – ¿Has probado los tamales?
  • Yes, I’ve tried them – Sí, los he probado.
  • No, I haven’t tried them – No, no los he probado.


If you want to know more answers to that question and other phrases to talk about Mexican food, watch maestro Neftalí’s TikTok mini Spanish lesson. Don’t forget to leave a comment telling him cuál es tu comida mexicana favorita (what’s your favorite Mexican dish).


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How to Practice

You need to help your kids practice these new words, questions and answers. Here are a few ideas:


  • Make a Mexican dish and ask them the question “have you tried…?”. So, they’ll have to use what they’ve learned to answer.
  • Point to one of these Mexican dishes and ask them how they’re called in Mexico.
  • Create a Mexican dinner with their Mexican friends. They’ll want to use the vocabulary they’ve learned so far just to impress their friends.

Gain More Spanish Vocabulary and Cultural Knowledge with TruFluency Kids

Ready for your kids to learn even more interesting vocabulary to use in real life situations? Great! That’s the best decision you could make for their present and future lives. But if you’re overwhelmed wondering how to do that, we can help you.

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Plus, we will encourage them to speak, so they can practice their new knowledge and achieve fluency.

If you’re interested, take a trial class now. And when you feel ready, sign up your kids for our next four-week session. Soon, they’ll be helping you translate those Mexican recipes you want to try.