About TruFluency Kids

Hi, I’m Micah Bellieu. I LOVE learning languages. Ever since I listened to my grandparents speak in French and Spanish as a child, I knew I wanted to learn too. Since then, I’ve become fluent in Spanish, French, and I’m even working on Japanese. I’ve done language training at Amazon, Google, Samsung, and many more companies. Now I’m bringing my own Bellieu Method to your kids to help them get fluent in Spanish.


What is the Bellieu Method?

Learning a foreign language can seem hard! And how are kids going to memorize vocabulary and learn grammar? Well, reading and writing in Spanish is important, yes. But, kids learn to SPEAK Spanish before they learn to read and write.

The Bellieu method is focused on listening and speaking, getting kids confident responding to basic, everyday questions and topics in Spanish, using real language.

Micah Bellieu | Founder of TruFluency Kids Spanish Immersion

Helping Your Child Learn Spanish

All online Spanish class activities center around relevant, everyday phrases and not just singular vocabulary words. This allows kids to communicate more fully, more quickly. We read stories, ask questions, play word games, picture games, online games, and look for items around the house. We even have the kids make crafts or food, so learning Spanish is more like how they learned their first language!

What Our Parents are Saying

We’re so grateful for having found a quality program at a reasonable price. Our daughter is excited about jumping into the sessions because the program is so appealing for her age, with music, games even on-line scavenger hunts. She’s starting to express herself from time to time in Spanish. Exactly what we had hoped.


Felipe Munoz

Spanish Immersion Classes for Kids | TruFluency Kids