Maestra Brenda is at the beach! This is the perfect opportunity to teach all kids about the beach in Spanish. How cool is that!

We’re so excited because as Spanish language teachers we know that the best way for kids to learn is through context. That method is super fun, so they won’t get bored and sleepy.

Plus, it’s better than just memorizing the vocabulary list, because they can learn how to actually use the words in a real-life situation. Plus, it’ll be easier for them to acquire the vocabulary, as they’ll absorb it in a natural, casual way.

On top of that, when studying a new language all children must learn everyday words and vocabulary related to the things they love. That includes vacation. So, come on with us to acquire some cool Spanish vocabulary.

Phrases for the Beach and Daily Activities

Maestra Brenda is a really cool TruFluency Kids Spanish Immersion teacher. Just like you and I, she loves going on vacation, especially to the beach. We totally get her, right? Who doesn’t need some breeze and sea every now and then. She’s also aware of our love for learning Spanish. So, in today’s TikTok mini lesson, she’ll teach us some phrases and questions to use at the beach.

Some of these expressions you can use in your everyday life, but all you can use when you go to the beach. Before starting, here are some important words we’ll learn in today’s class:

  • Hola – Hello
  • Playa – Beach
  • Lunes – Monday
  • Martes – Tuesday
  • Domingo – Sunday
  • Rutina – Routine
  • Pintar – To paint

Let’s start:

  • ¡Estoy en la playa! – I’m at the beach!
  • ¿Te gusta la playa? – Do you like the beach?
  • A mí me encanta – I love it
  • Estoy en una playa muy hermosa – I’m on a beautiful beach
  • ¿Me acompañas a la playa? – Want to come with me to the beach?
  • Hoy es Lunes – Today is Monday

Here are some phrases to describe what teacher Brenda does at the beach. And these are great ideas for you to do as well:

  • Me gusta llevar mis pinturas a la playa – I like taking my paintings to the beach
  • Me gusta caminar en la orilla del mar – I like walking on the seashore
  • Nadar en la alberca – Swimming in the pool

Of course, these are not the only Spanish words and phrases maestra Brenda teaches us. If you want to learn more expressions for the beach, check maestra Brenda’s TikTok Spanish lesson. You’ll not only learn more vocabulary, but also how to speak these sentences fluently and in a casual way.

We also have a blog teaching you some Spanish words for vacation. You can complement both the video and the blog.

Don’t forget to follow us on our TikTok for more mini lessons and some tips and tricks on Spanish language.

Ready for More Spanish Fun? Take TruFluency Kids Spanish Lessons!

Now, you’ve had a taste of our Spanish teaching method. If you’re ready for your kids to learn more things and get to a whole new Spanish level, enroll them in our classes.

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We also base our lessons in our very own Bellieu Method. It consists in speaking with what you’ve learned so far. So kids can strengthen their knowledge by repeating it in a conversation. It’s all about the practice. You’ll notice how much their fluency will improve. Soon they’ll be inviting you to the beach in Spanish.

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