Music is a great way to improve children’s Spanish skills, especially if they are songs from children’s movies. Kids love to sing along with their favorite characters and even dance to the rhythm. If you played them Spanish songs from movies, it could make them understand better what the lyrics are saying. This is because they are watching – or already watched – the story, so they know what happens in the scene that they’re singing about.

To help your kids learn Spanish, we gathered some of the most popular songs in Spanish from different children’s movies. The fun part is that these are movies in English, so they probably have already seen the movie in their native language. Now they’ll get to see their favorite characters sing in Spanish. Learning a song that they already love and know in English will be a great help for your kids.

What You Can Do to Help Your Children Learn with Music

Apart from playing these songs and movies for your kids, you can help them learn better through music by doing all of these things.

Before listening to the songs, it would be nice if they watch the movie that a particular song is from. This will help them understand the lyrics better, because they’re going to see what is happening in the scene where the song comes up.

If your kids are beginners, watch the movies in your kids’ native language before watching the Spanish version. This will make them understand the plot completely, and therefore, the music too. Plus, it will be fun if they know the songs in English, and then listen to the Spanish versions. They’ll be surprised and engaged!

Organize a karaoke party with their favorite Spanish songs from children’s movies. You can invite their friends and everyone can sing along. Some songs have their karaoke videos on Youtube. They’ll gain vocabulary by singing and reading the lyrics at the same time. They’ll also learn the spelling of some Spanish words, and practice their pronunciation.

10 Songs in Spanish from Children’s Movies

1. Cuán Lejos Voy – Moana

This is the Spanish version of “How far I’ll go”, from the movie Moana. This song will make kids wonder where their dreams will take them, and they’ll feel strong enough to chase them.

Key Words and Phrases:

  • Yo qué sé – What do I know
  • Isla – Island
  • Mar – Sea
  • Canción – Song
  • Cielo – Sky

Enjoy the music video:

2. ¿Y Si Hacemos un Muñeco? – Frozen

One of the most popular songs from a movie for children is “Let it go”, Libre soy in Spanish, from Frozen. But another one that also gained the heart of many is “Do you want to build a snowman?”.

Its Spanish version is ¿Y si hacemos un muñeco? As we see in the movie, this song is more than about asking someone to build a snowman. It is about trying to bond again with someone, in this case, with the sister. The song has some speaking parts, so kids can also learn those.

Key Words and Phrases:

  • Vamos a jugar – Let’s go play
  • Amigas – (female) friends
  • Bici – (Short for bicicleta) bicycle

Enjoy the music video:

3. Un Mundo Ideal – Aladdín

This song is the Spanish version of “A whole new world”. This romantic song is about going to a perfect world with the one you love. It’s one of the most popular Disney songs. The movie has a live-action remake with another Spanish version of the song. Kids can listen to the one that they prefer: cartoon or live-action.

Key Words and Phrases:

  • Yo te puedo mostrar – I can show you
  • Mundo – World
  • Volar – To fly
  • Cosas maravillosas – Wonderful things
  • Magia – Magic
  • Juntos – Together

Enjoy the music video:

4. Hakuna Matata – El Rey León

The song title it’s the same in English and Spanish, but the lyrics are translated. The movie title is also translated, from “The Lion King” to El Rey León. This is one of the most famous songs from a Disney movie, and from “The Lion King” itself.

Key Words and Phrases:

  • Nada que temer – Nothing to fear
  • Sin preocuparse – Without worrying / Without worries
  • Qué vergüenza – How embarrassing
  • Vivir – To live

Enjoy the music video:

5. Yo Soy Tu Amigo Fiel – Toy Story

“Toy Story” is a beloved children’s movie. And though it’s not a musical it does have a couple of lovely songs that have become popular. One of those is “You’ve got a friend in me”, in Spanish “Yo soy tu amigo fiel”. It’s a song about a loyal friendship. It’s also quite easy to learn, with some words perfect for beginners. Key

Words and Phrases:

  • Yo soy – I am
  • Amigo – Friend
  • Fiel – Loyal
  • Lejos – Far
  • Cierra los ojos – Close the eyes

Enjoy the music video:

6. Y Tú SabrásEncantada

This is the Spanish version of the song “That’s how you’ll know”, from the movie “Enchanted”. This song is about the details that make someone know that he/she is loved by one. The rhythm is very catchy, perfect to dance with your kids.

Key Words and Phrases:

  • Amor – Love
  • Flores – Flowers
  • Cuentos – Tales
  • Tú sabrás – You’ll know

Enjoy the music video:

7. Hombres de Acción Serán Hoy – Mulán

This is the Spanish version of “I’ll make a man out of you”. It’s one of the most beloved songs from Mulan. It’s about preparing for the fight.

Key Words and Phrases:

  • Hombres fuertes – Strong men
  • Hoy – Today
  • Misión – Mission

Enjoy the song:

8. BésalaLa Sirenita

Do you know “The Little Mermaid”? Well, this is the famous song “Kiss the girl” but in Spanish. It’s a romantic song because it is about kissing someone, but it has a funny touch because it’s sung by Sebastian while he spies on the mermaid and the prince.

Key Words and Phrases:

  • Bésala – Kiss her
  • Nada – Nothing
  • Mírala – Look at her

Enjoy the song:

9. No Se Habla de Bruno – Encanto

This song took the world by storm when it was sung in the movie “Encanto”. Everyone was singing it and loving it. In English, it is called “We don’t talk about Bruno”. The greatest thing about the movie is that it represents Colombia. So kids who watch the movie will learn about this Spanish-speaking country. By watching the Spanish version, children will learn the language and the culture.

Key Words and Phrases:

  • Habla – Talk
  • Boda – Wedding
  • Arena – Sand
  • Abuela – Grandmother
  • Pronto lloverá – It’ll soon rain
  • ¿Quieres tú intentar? – Do you want to try?

Enjoy the music video:

10. Nuestro HuéspedLa Bella y la Bestia

This is the Spanish name for the English song “Be our guest”, from the “Beauty and the Beast” movie. It’s about a big feast celebrating that someone (Bella) has finally arrived to light up the place. The singers are the plates, the teapot, the candle, and all the cookware that are happy to serve Bella. Kids will learn vocabulary for the kitchen.

This movie also has a live-action remake with a Spanish translation. So kids can listen to that version of the song too.

Key Words and Phrases:

  • Le damos la bienvenida – We welcome you
  • Cena – Dinner
  • Huésped – Guest
  • Servilleta – Napkin
  • Comida – food
  • Pruebe – Taste
  • Postres – Desserts
  • Banquete – Feast
  • Bromas – Jokes
  • Mesa – Table

Enjoy the music video:

Keep Improving Your Spanish with Music

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