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Ready for some lovely Spanish Tik Tok lesson? This week, our founder, CEO and language expert, Micah Bellieu brings the most adorable lesson to TruFluency Kids Spanish Tik Tok. After all, love is a universal topic and it’s very important in any language. Spanish is no exception, just take a look at its native speakers; they’re always showing their love to each other.

So, prepare to take the cutest TFK Tik Tok Spanish Lesson on pet names in Spanish. Besides super fun, this will also be useful for both parents and children. You’ll have even more ways to call each other through affectionate names and express your love. That’s always nice.

Spanish Pet Names

Here are some super cute pet names in Spanish you’ll learn in this TruFluency Kids’ Tik Tok mini lesson. Not to forget these are also very popular nicknames between native Spanish speakers:

  • Cariño – Dearest
  • Cielo – Sky
  • Corazón – Heart
  • Chaparrita – Shortie
  • Tesoro – Treasure

And those are not all the nicknames. If you want to learn the other Spanish pet names that Micah Bellieu recommends, you’ll have to watch this mini Tik Tok class. Believe us, it’s worth the watch! It’s short, sweet and useful!

On top of that, Micah Bellieu also gives us some tips on how to add extra cuteness to these pet names. Want to know the secret? Mmmm… Okay, why not! Here’s what to do: Honestly, it’s not that hard, just add a “mi” (my) before every single pet name:

  • Mi cielo – My sky
  • Mi corazón – My heart
  • Mi chaparrita – My shortie
  • Mi tesoro – My treasure

Guess what? There’s yet another secret/tip on how to make these pet names even sweeter! What? Is that even possible? Yes! To reveal this secret, click here.

We recommend you practice this lesson by calling each other by these pet names. You can choose your favorite ones for your kids, and they can do the same for you. Your children can even call their stuffed animals by these adorable names.

Keep on Expressing Your Feelings in Spanish with the Help of TruFluency Kids

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