Are your kids learning Spanish and you don’t know how to help them? It’s easy to feel like there’s not much you can do to help them keep practicing their Spanish at home. This could lead parents to leave all their kids’ language journey in the hands of their school and teachers.

But there’s a very common everyday activity at home you could include your kids into to make them practice their Spanish. The best of all is that they’ll also have tons of fun. We’re talking about cooking.

As language experts ourselves, we believe that an immersion language learning method is the best way children will learn Spanish. And cooking is an immersive activity, because it’s part of their daily lives.

What’s better than learning by doing what they always do? If you think about it, it’s the way they acquired their native language. So, it’ll work for their second one.

So, don’t have doubts and include them when making dinner or cooking a snack. In today’s TikTok lesson, our founder, Micah Bellieu, shows you some tips and tricks for preparing food in Spanish with your children. And don’t worry, these tips are helpful even if you don’t know the language.

Tips to Help Your Children Learn Spanish while Preparing Food

Choose a minimum of three questions or commands related to cooking activities and food. Here are some TFK’s CEO, Micah Bellieu, recommends:

  • ¿Qué quieres? / What do you want?
  • ¿Pepino o brócoli? / Cucumber or broccoli?
  • Lávalo / Wash it.

Ask those questions or commands every now and then while cooking. Kids will be forced to answer you in Spanish or do what you ask them. If you notice they don’t do what you told them or don’t answer you, it could be they didn’t understand well. That’s okay; they’re just learning. Repeat yourself or show them what you’re asking for.

Use a fun and curious tone when asking the questions or talking to your children. So they won’t feel like they’re studying and will be encouraged to speak in Spanish.


Even if you don't speak Spanish, use simple questions to incorporate it during everyday tasks ☑️ Choose 3 main questions or commands, she says: ¿Qué quieres? = What do you want? ¿Pepino o brócoli? = Cucumber or broccoli? Lávalo. = Wash it. #trufluencykids #spanishclass #kidspanishclass #bilingualkids #spanishforkids #spanishonline #spanishteacher #bilingual #immersion #español #languages

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Vocabulary Shown in the Spanish Lesson

Here are some Spanish words shown in Micah’s TikTok Spanish lesson:

  • Brócoli – Broccoli
  • Hacer – To make
  • Agua – Water
  • Pepino – Cucumber
  • Comer – To eat

Here are some Spanish phrases to cook with your kids shown in Micah’s TikTok lesson:

  • ¡Muy bien! – Good job!
  • ¿Qué es esto? – What’s this?
  • ¿A qué huele el pepino? – What does the cucumber smell like?

*If you want to learn even more words and phrases in Spanish to cook with your kids, check out the TikTok lesson. You’ll also learn how to pronounce this vocabulary.

Learn More Spanish Vocabulary in a Fun Way with TruFluency Kids

If you want your kids to keep learning and practicing Spanish in an interesting way for them, we’re your best option. We have a blog with different recipes you can try to cook with your kids. Choose your favorite one and put the tips above into practice. You’ll notice the improvement in their language skills!

But that’s not it! TruFluency Kids is a completely online Spanish immersion school with flexible schedules. So your kids can keep acquiring Spanish with our help from anywhere. The best? Our native teachers are committed to making every lesson more fun than the other. We achieve that by doing everyday children’s activities in

Spanish, like singing, dancing, crafting, playing games, and, of course, cooking. There are no boring moments with us!

Though we teach them everything that’s necessary for Spanish learning, our focus is on speaking. This way they’ll practice what they’ve learned and, therefore, retain it.

Plus, they’ll achieve language fluency sooner than expected.

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