Learning a language is not that different from learning a sport. Both take a lot of effort and you must also learn the technique (to kick a ball or to pronounce something). But most importantly, it takes hours, days and even years of practice to master it.

Because of how invested kids need to be to acquire any of these skills, parents might just want them to choose one. That way kids won’t be too overwhelmed with so much study. But what if we told you that they can improve in both at the same time? Believe it or not, it’s possible!

Sure, they’ll need special classes for each one. Kids will have to go to their language classes and then to their sport practice. But they can also improve their language skills when playing their favorite sport. That way, they won’t get stressed with extra study at home; rather, they’ll have fun.

Now you just have to choose a language and a sport. As Spanish language experts, we highly recommend that all children learn Spanish as a second language. It will bring them many benefits short and long term.

As for the sports, let the kids decide. If they choose baseball – a very popular sport – it’s your lucky day! TruFluency Kids has gathered the best Spanish words & phrases for kids playing baseball.

How Can Kids Learn Spanish Through Baseball?

Here are some tips and tricks to help your kids learn or improve their Spanish skills while playing baseball.

Watch videos about baseball in Spanish

Nowadays, you can find everything on YouTube. So just look up for videos about baseball in Spanish and watch them with your kids.

Since it’s a topic that they like, they’ll love to watch that type of content, even if it’s in another language. Meanwhile, they’ll acquire Spanish vocabulary about sports without even noticing that much!

Type things like “videos de béisbol en español” (baseball videos in Spanish) or “béisbol en español” (baseball in Spanish) on YouTube. And you’ll find many different videos to choose from. You can watch one that explains baseball in Spanish or even a game narrated in Spanish.

You can also watch interviews to native Spanish speaking baseball players. We truly recommend that, because kids will learn the language, but will also learn about the sport from experts.

Organize a friendly baseball match

We gave you this tip for our soccer in Spanish blog. Now, we give you the same tip for baseball, because it’s truly useful. With the help of other parents, you can put together a friendly match. Invite the neighbors’ kids, your children’s baseball team friends, their Spanish classes friends and their Hispanic friends.

During the match, they must play baseball but always speak in Spanish. For example, if they want to say “the game will begin”, they must say “el juego va a iniciar”. Or if they want to scream “run!” they must say “¡corre!”.

Of course, it all depends on their Spanish level. If they’re advanced, they have to say long Spanish phrases. If they’re beginners, they just have to use some of the baseball Spanish words presented in this blog.

If there are Hispanic kids, it’ll be better, because they can help them with any Spanish doubts or mistakes.

Talk with your kids about baseball

During dinner time or in any free time you have together, start a baseball conversation in Spanish with your children. You can ask them how their practice was or what they thought of the last baseball game they watched on tv.

If you don’t know much about this sport, ask them to explain it to you in Spanish. To help you, below we have some Spanish baseball questions and phrases to start a conversation.

It might be difficult for them at first. But if they love the sport, they’ll be willing to put in the effort to speak Spanish. And it’ll get easier for them sooner than later, because they’ll be having fun talking about their passion.


What would you say if we told you that kids can improve their Spanish and baseball knowledge with DIY projects? That’s right, they can work on three different skills (crafting, language, and sports) at the same time!

All you have to do is make them do any type of crafting with baseball as the main topic and while speaking Spanish. In fact, we have a blog where we teach you how to do a memory card game with your children. There, we have a list of suggested Spanish words to use in your cards.

Just change those words for the ones in the list below, which are all about baseball. And there you go, they’ll craft, play a game, and learn sports and Spanish.

Spanish Baseball Vocabulary

  1. Baseball – Béisbol
  2. Pelota – Ball
  3. Baseball player – Jugador de béisbol / Beisbolista / Pelotero
  4. Bat – Bate
  5. Glove – Guante
  6. Shirt – Camisa
  7. Trousers – Pantalón
  8. Cap – Gorra
  9. Batting helmet – Casco de bateo
  10. Baseball socks – Medias
  11. Spikes – Spikes
  12. Pitch – Lanzamiento
  13. Stadium – Estadio
  14. Team – Equipo
  15. Offense – Ofensiva
  16. Defense – Defensiva
  17. Umpire – Ampáyer / Ompáyer / Árbitro
  18. Tournament – Torneo
  19. Field – Campo
  20. Base – Base
  21. First base – Primera base
  22. Second base – Segunda base
  23. Third base – Tercera base
  24. Home – Plato
  25. Foul lines – Líneas de falta / Líneas de foul
  26. Infield – Cuadro interior / Cuadro interno / *Also known by its English name “Infield”
  27. Outfield – Jardín / *Also known by its English name “Outfield”
  28. Warning track – Pista de seguridad
  29. Foul territory – Territorio de foul
  30. Fair territory – Territorio de fair
  31. Pitcher’s mound – Montículo del lanzador
  32. Batter’s box – Caja de bateo
  33. Catcher’s box – Caja del receptor
  34. On-deck circle – Círculo de espera
  35. Third-base coach – Coach de tercera (base)
  36. First-base coach – Coach de primera (base)
  37. (Third) Coach’s box – Caja del coach de tercera
  38. (First) Coach’s box – Caja del coach de primera
  39. Foul pole – Poste de foul
  40. Strike zone – Zona de strike
  41. Box score – Registro de anotación
  42. Home run – Jonrón
  43. Balk – Balk
  44. Beanball – Beanball
  45. Strike – Strike
  46. Ball – Bola
  47. Out – Out
  48. Fair – Legal
  49. Foul – Fuera
  50. Triple play – Triple eliminación
  51. Fly – Elevado
  52. Bunt hit – Plancha
  53. Rolling – Pelota rasa
  54. Strikeout – Ponche
  55. Two bases hit – Hit de dos bases
  56. Three bases hit – Hit de tres bases
  57. Runner – Corredor
  58. Batter – Bateador
  59. (A) Run – (Una) Carrera
  60. To bat – Batear
  61. To run – Correr
  62. To throw / To pitch – Lanzar
  63. To catch – Atrapar
  64. World Baseball Classic – Clásico Mundial de Béisbol

Baseball Positions in Spanish

  1. Pitcher – Lanzador / *Also known by its English name “Pitcher”
  2. Catcher – Receptor
  3. First baseman – Primera base
  4. Second baseman – Segunda base
  5. Third baseman – Tercera base
  6. Shortstop – Campocorto / Parador en corto
  7. Center fielder – Jardinero central
  8. Right fielder – Jardinero derecho
  9. Left fielder – Jardinero izquierdo

8 Spanish Questions to Start a Baseball Conversation

Here are some questions in Spanish about baseball that you can use to start a conversation with your kids. Children can also use these questions with their friends.


  1. ¿Cómo se juega el béisbol? / How is baseball played?
  2. ¿Te gustaría ser beisbolista profesional cuando seas grande? / Would you like to be a professional baseball player when you grow up?
  3. ¿Qué tal estuvo tu práctica de béisbol? / How was your baseball practice?
  4. ¿Te gustó el partido de ayer? / Did you like yesterday’s game?
  5. ¿Cuál es tu beisbolista favorito? / What’s your favorite baseball player?
  6. ¿Quién crees que gane el partido? / Who do you think will win the game?
  7. ¿Cuál es tu equipo favorito? / What’s your favorite team?
  8. ¿Quién crees que es mejor, Aaron Judge o Shohei Ohtani? ¿Por qué? / Who do you think is better, Aaron Judge or Shohei Ohtani? Why?

10 Spanish Phrases about Baseball

Here are some phrases in Spanish using some of the words above that your kids can use to talk about baseball.


  1. Cuando sea grande quiero ser beisbolista profesional. / I want to be a professional baseball player when I grow up.
  2. El béisbol es mi deporte favorito. / Baseball is my favorite sport.
  3. Yo creo que el partido de hoy lo ganarán los New York Yankees. / I think the New York Yankees will win today’s game.
  4. Estoy muy emocionado por el partido de hoy! / I’m very excited for today’s game.
  5. ¡Ganamos el partido! / We won the game!
  6. Los Chicago Cubs son mi equipo favorito. / Chicago Cubs are my favorite team.
  7. ¡Golpeé la pelota súper fuerte, corrí muy rápido y logré hacer un hit de tres bases! ¡Fue épico! / I hit de ball super strong, ran very fast and I manage to do a three bases hit! It was epic!
  8. Gian hizo tres strikes hoy. / Gian scored three strikes today.
  9. Lydia por fin hizo un jonrón hoy. / Lydia finally hit a home run today.
  10. Le toca batear a él. / It’s his time to bat.

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