Spanish Schools for Kids in Glendale, California

The city of Glendale, being located in Los Angeles County in California, is a great place to learn Spanish. In recent years and throughout its history, Glendale has experienced steady growth in its population. This is why if you want to increase your children’s opportunities in the future, and you live or are thinking of living in Glendale, CA, then learning Spanish is a great idea since this language is the second most non-English language in this city.

Growing bilingual kids is an amazing way to help them develop cultural awareness, empathy, and more healthy brains as bilingualism has proven to improve the brain functions in kids, but also, Spanish is a great language to learn professionally speaking. A person who’s able to communicate in this language can get better jobs or maybe work abroad. So, Spanish is a great language to learn so your kids can have better personal and professional opportunities later in their life.

At TruFluency kids, we know that it might be complicated to choose a school that fits your and your children’s needs. Because of this reason we’ve created this guide for Spanish Schools in the Glendale, California area. So you can take a look and pick one place that fits you and your needs perfectly.

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About This Resource

This resource was created to be a guide for a variety of Schools with Dual Language/Immersion programs for Spanish learning within the Glendale Unified School District (GUSD) boundaries. At TruFluency kids, we know that immersion is the best way for children to learn Spanish. In this kind of program, children are exposed to the language in all their ways (written, spoken, and heard), and because of this, they learn almost as if this was their native language.

Glendale USD’s Dual-Language Immersion program offers seven languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese Armenian, and Korean. You can choose between a 90:10 or a 50:50 dual immersion program beginning in kindergarten. Both program models have the target language taught through content and not as a separate course of study. GUSD Dual immersion classes are taught by fully credentialed bilingual teachers who have all the preparation and expertise to teach in both English and the target language of your choice.

Dual Immersion in GUSD holds the following benefits: Bilingualism and biliteracy, academic achievement, and cultural competency for the students.

If you’re interested in enrolling your children in any of Glendale Unified’s Dual Language Immersion programs, you must know that you require an application and that students are selected each year by a random lottery. If you need assistance you can contact the GUSD office of Student support services at 818 241-3111 ext. 1283.

Glendale USD holds the #87 place in Best School Districts in California Ranking and it has an overall A- grade on Niche.

At TruFluency Kids we know that each family is a world and that everyone has different needs, goals, and budgets. This is why in this guide you will also find information regarding some private, after-school, and Spanish courses for kids, as we want everybody who reads this guide to find their perfect fit.

Also, we know that education evolves and changes day by day, if you find any outdated information you can feel free to contact us so we can update all information found here. On the other hand, if you know about any other great schools or courses for kids Spanish Immersion in the Glendale city area, we can add them to this resource to help as many people as possible, so, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Glendale USD Dual Language Immersion Program

Picture of school kids in a classroom Glendale, California USD

Spanish was the first Dual Language Immersion program in GUSD. Nowadays this program is offered in all three levels of education; Elementary school, Middle school, and High School.

The elementary Spanish Dual Language Immersion program follows a 90:10 Dual Language Immersion model. Students initially receive Spanish Instruction for the 90% of the day while the other 10% is in English. This model starts in kindergarten and the percentage of English spoken increases annually until students receive their education of 50% in English and 50% in Spanish by 6th grade.

For students who wish to continue with their Spanish instruction after elementary school is over, the Dual Language Immersion Spanish continues in middle school with a Spanish Language Arts class as an elective plus an additional core class that it’s taught in Spanish.

Once high school is finished, if the decision is to continue learning Spanish through high school, students can take the Spanish Language as an elective. There are courses in Spanish language and Spanish literature AP. These students will also be eligible to take the AP Spanish Language and Spanish Literature exams to earn the Seal of Biliteracy in Spanish.

About Glendale USD Spanish Dual Immersion Program

Glendale Unified has great opportunities for your children to start with their Spanish Journey. Elementary schools in this district are committed to creating an enriching environment that promotes understanding, knowledge, and critical thinking in the students.

Glendale USD uses the California State Standards in all of their subjects; these standards engage students in reading complex topics, use evidence and context and build knowledge in all areas of instruction.

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School

This school is a public Magnet school that belongs to the International Foreign Language Academy of Glendale (FLAG). This school has several Cultural Partnerships as they strive for high achievement in English, German, Italian, and Spanish through its California Standards-Based Language Immersion program. Benjamin Franklin’s Spanish Immersion program is accredited by the International Spanish Academy. These are schools from Pre-K through 12 that are known worldwide for their prestige and commitment to the language and culture of Spain. The ISA program is an educational outreach initiative of the Ministry of Education of Spain where high-performing schools in the United States and Canada implement a Spanish-English dual language immersion curriculum with the Ministry’s support and recognition.

Through their Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO), Benjamin Franklin Elementary is eager to build even stronger relationships, accelerate learning, and build capacity in their students and teachers. Their relationship with their many partners is continuing to thrive as they nourish the most valuable opportunities for everyone. After the pandemics and from now on, this school looks to re-establish, renew and reinvigorate all of their relationships with students in the pre-K and first graders who haven’t had the opportunity yet to have on-campus learning opportunities due to the pandemics.

Benjamin Franklin Elementary has an overall A- grade in Niche, and #540 in the Best Public Elementary Schools in the Los Angeles area ranking. It also ranks among the top 20% of all 9,659 public schools in California according to the Public School Review website.

Thomas Edison Elementary School

Thomas Edison Elementary School

Thomas Edison Elementary follows the FLAG Spanish Dual Immersion Program which is a challenging and rigorous academic program in which Spanish is used as the primary language of instruction. This program offers a unique opportunity for native speakers of Spanish and English to work together and develop academic fluency in both languages. Edison was recently recognized as an International Spanish Academy (ISA) under the Spanish Consulate which means that as another ISA school, many wonderful opportunities will be available for the students and their families in this school.

The main goals of Edison’s program are to develop bilingual academic language proficiency in English and Spanish, to ensure academic excellence that meets and exceeds GUSD’s and State standards, and to build understanding and appreciation for multiple cultures, self-esteem, and to strengthen positive attitudes toward peers, family, and community.

Edison Elementary is an above-average public school. It has an overall B+ Niche grade and 6/10 stars in with great reviews.

Other Schools in GUSD for Spanish Immersion

GUSD has another elementary school for Spanish Immersion: The John Muir Elementary School which holds #916 in Best Public Elementary Schools in the Los Angeles Area and an overall B Niche grade. This school is an above-average public school. It also follows the FLAG Dual Language Immersion Program and is another proud member of the ISA program.

As mentioned before, if you want your children to continue with their Spanish education through middle and high school they can do it in the following ones:


Middle School Dual Immersion Programs:

  1. Theodore Roosevelt Middle School
  2. Eleanor J.Toll Middle School

High School World Languages:

  1. Glendale High School
  2. Herbert Hoover High School
  3. Anderson W. Clark Magnet High School
  4. Crescenta Valley High School

Private Schools, Preschool, and After-School Programs for Spanish Learning in the Glendale Area

As you can see, there are a lot of great public choices for Spanish immersion programs within the Glendale USD boundaries. However, we know that some parents would rather prefer another kind of education and that’s perfectly fine. At TryFluency Kids Spanish, we value all education options, because of this reason, here are some of the best private options for Spanish education for kids.
Kallpachay Spanish Immersion

Kallpachay Spanish Immersion

Kallpachay looks forward to helping their students to advance as Spanish-language learners day by day through playful exploration and cultural celebration. They have caregiver training and courses for kids and adults. The school’s main goal is to connect students to all aspects of Spanish culture. They use an approach that challenges students through lots of art and games that are focused on speaking practice.

Kallpachay also has an afterschool enrichment curriculum and a Spanish immersion camp that is entirely kinesthetic and conversational.

They have an overall of 5 stars on Facebook Reviews and 5 out of 5 stars rating on Yelp! On their website, you can find reviews that recommend this school as another great choice for Spanish Immersion.

KinderCare in Fontana, CA

Oasis Trilingual Community School

The Oasis Trilingual Community School is a TK-6 inquiry-based multilingual school that nurtures cultural and language perspectives. They seek to challenge students with an authentic, thematically connected, and relevant curriculum in Mandarin, English, and Spanish.

They have small class sizes and their teacher teams are collaborative which means that each student’s physical, social and intellectual needs are met throughout the day.

The Oasis Trilingual curriculum includes subjects such as English, Mandarin, and Spanish Language arts, math, science, social studies, and Social-emotional Learning. This school focuses on STEM and arts to ensure a progressive and rounded extracurricular schedule.

Their trilingual program allows students to explore languages at any level they are in. They participate in all three languages; Mandarin, Spanish and English throughout their daily classes.

Oasis’s individual learning plans make it possible to understand where every child is in their learning process, this means a perfect placement for your child according to their necessities and a complete exploratory and hands-on continuous development. They also have Homeschool support and After-School programs.

This school has 5/5 stars on Yelp! and great comments amongst the reviews on the website:
“Love the school! You don’t see an expensive lawn or playground in the campus. There is no fancy, modern auditorium or classroom when you enter the school. That’s because all the resources are spent on the students there. Teachers are energetic, enthusiastic and compassionate. They share one common goal with the parents, that is to make learning fun and painless! I pulled my son out of public school to enter 2nd grade in oasis and he’s not looking back. The school weighs in a lot on Teachers, parents as well as students’ input. You don’t need fight your way through layers and layers of school district personnel who don’t even know your kids to get your voices’ heard.”

Rayuela Spanish Immersion


This school looks to engage, motivate, inspire and empower children by encouraging them to follow their imaginations and curiosities. Rayuela is a place where kids can learn about themselves and their peers in a natural environment while becoming fluent in Spanish.

They also have a summer camp where your children will develop their bilingual selves by playing, cooking, dancing, singing, and doing arts, crafts, and science. They have full and part-time programs as they also understand that each family has different needs and schedules.

Rayuela has an overall 5/5 stars on Yelp! and 4.6 on Facebook Reviews.

TruFluency Kids Spanish Immersion Program

How Children Learn a Second Language: Language Acquisition

To end this resource with a golden clasp, we couldn’t finish without mentioning our immersive Spanish courses. At TruFluency kids Spanish, we focus on making classes fun and engaging for your children. If you want them to be super entertained and happy with their learning process then you can rely on us!

Our programs strive for fluency and are perfect for any kind of child. Our teachers are specially trained in our own Bellieu Method which is 100% immersive, engaging and fun for children, as we understand that this is the best way for children to learn a new language. Our teachers are all native speakers, which means that your children will learn real-life Spanish that they can use immediately. You can enter here to see the testimonials on how great our method is.

The best part about our programs is that all of the classes that we offer are online, so you don’t have to worry about your children learning in a non-comfortable environment for them. We also don’t have extravagant costs so this won’t be a matter of worry. And as if all this couldn’t be enough, we will give you access to extra Spanish resources for free so you can keep practicing with them at the no-class time!

We hope to see you join us soon!

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