Spanish Schools for Kids in Bonsall, California

Bonsall is a suburb of San Diego with a population of about 4,195 people. Living here offers people a sparse suburban feel with a great education and things to do. This place holds is #18 in Best Suburbs to Raise a Family in San Diego Area, and it has an overall B-grade in Niche. Nowadays, the Spanish-speaking population is rapidly growing in the United States, and Bonsall, being located in San Diego County, naturally is exposed to a multicultural environment as San Diego is one of the most multicultural cities in the United States. This is the reason why if you’re located in this area, and you want your children to grow and have lots of opportunities, and better cognitive development, then thinking about bilingual education doesn’t sound as crazy.

As parents, in TruFluency Kids Spanish, we know that finding and deciding what is the best option for our kids can be a tough decision and we wanted to help you in that process. We’ve created this resource in order to help you find great options for your kids to learn Spanish if you’re located in the Bonsall, CA area.

Bonsall, California

About This Resource

This resource is a compilation of some of the best Spanish Learning schools in the Bonsall Unified School District (BUSD) (See map). This school district is rated #10 in Best School Districts in San Diego Area.

There are a lot of benefits to growing your children bilingual. In a Psychology Today blog, there is a post in which Dr. Judy Willis, who is a board-certified neurologist, compared a child’s developing brain to our muscles when we work out. In that study, She found out that the brain appears to build efficiency, strength, and speed in its functioning networks when learning how to decipher a new language. Also, there’s an article in the New York Times Science section that retells these findings.

Remember that also, bilingualism in kids provides a better ability to focus, plan, prioritize and make decisions in the future. Also, as they get older, their cognitive and communication abilities are developed differently than monolingual children and this also leads to kids wanting to learn more languages in the future. Also, it has been found in many other studies that bilingualism can help prevent dementia in old age.
Since BUSD doesn’t count with any immersion or dual-language programs focused in Spanish immersion, this time we will show you some different options for private schools that are also part or near to the BUSD boundaries or in San Diego County.

Private Schools, Preschool, and After-School Programs for Spanish Learning

Even though there are great public schools for Spanish Immersion in San Diego, sadly there are not too many options for Spanish lessons or immersion Schools for children within the Bonsall USD boundaries. However, we found some great options that even though are not within the Bonsall USD boundaries, are very close to this area and in San Diego County.
Spanish schools for kids in Bonsall, California

Little Language Ambassadors

In Little Language Ambassadors, they believe strongly that languages are the key to the world, and that being able to speak two or more languages opens up doors and opportunities for better communication, appreciation, and understanding of other people and cultures. They look to inspire and educate the next generation by providing 100% immersion in Spanish.

They look to nurture and develop Spanish as a natural ability in all children, as they help them to become future citizens of the world. They give students high-quality early childhood education in Spanish while introducing all concepts and activities in the same language.

Little Language Ambassadors offer two options for preschool: A half-day and an extender-day program, attending children from 18 months old. They also have afterschool and Summer camp programs that provide activities specifically designed to enhance and develop conversational skills and fluency in Spanish. All of these programs are taught by their experienced native-Spanish-speaking teachers.

They have an overall 5/5 stars rating on Yelp! and only good reviews like this one:
“This is an amazing school. The teachers and staff at the school are exceptional. They are very welcoming, caring, and patient with kids. They engage kids in activities in a fun way. I loved the music component offered by Maestro Enrique (who is also a professional musician). Enrique plays the guitar for kids and gets them to sing songs in Spanish. My son loved going to school and was singing and communicating in Spanish within weeks of being enrolled in the program. I commuted two hours each day to bring my son to this school because it was so good.”

TruFluency Kids Spanish Immersion Program

How Children Learn a Second Language: Language Acquisition

After a long and exhaustive investigation, we discovered that sadly there are not many places that offer Spanish education for kids within the Bonsall area. To finish this article in a good way, we want to introduce you to our Spanish Immersion classes.

In TruFluency Kids Spanish, we offer different Spanish courses that can be taken for children of all ages. We know that children can be super energetic and curious, and this is the reason why we make our classes very interesting, fun, and engaging so your children will be learning in an immersive environment at the same time that they have a great time. In TFK, we work very hard to train our teachers, who besides being native Spanish speakers, are also true experts in our own Bellieu Method which strives for Spanish immersion. Our teachers know how to make the curriculum fun, engaging, and most importantly, great.

We acknowledge Immersion as the best way for children to acquire a new language, because of their brain development at an early age.

The classes that we offer are a 100% online choice. We have live lessons and our schedules are flexible. So you will find a class at pretty much any moment that fits your needs. We also manage very accessible costs per class, because we know that sometimes costs are something that can stop us as parents. As if all of this is not enough, we also include free resources so you can keep on working in Spanish with your children during the times when they are not taking their Spanish lessons. We also have great testimonials that confirm the greatness of our method and that our students really enjoy being part of the TFK community:

“We’re so grateful for having found a quality program at a reasonable price. Our daughter is excited about jumping into the sessions because the program is so appealing for her age, with music, games even online scavenger hunts. She’s starting to express herself from time to time in Spanish. Exactly what we had hoped.”

“This is a really good class to practice oral skills. My 13th-year-old son loves this class and said he now feels more confident practicing speaking Spanish. He has been learning Spanish in his regular school for a year and a half, and this class reinforces what he is learning in school by forcing him to use his vocabulary to speak.”

At TruFluency Kids Spanish, we know that bilingualism is the key to success for our kids in the future. So don’t think about it too much and enroll your kids in their new favorite place to be!

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