Spanish Immersion Programs for Kids in Tomball & The Woodlands, Texas

Living in the Tomball / Woodlands, Texas area gives you a very good opportunity to explore bilingualism for your children, as it is an area with a very diverse ethnic population. Today, the Spanish-speaking population in Texas is expanding rapidly, which makes it almost necessary for our children to learn this language in order to develop in the best possible way and have new opportunities in the future. I know that as a parent, deciding what is the best option for your child can be a tough decision, but don’t worry – at TruFluency Kids Spanish we care and want to make things easier for you. So here are some amazing options if you’re interested in Spanish programs for kids in Tomball & The Woodlands, Texas.

Tomball / The Woodlands, TX

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This compilation will present you with some of the best Spanish Learning schools in the Tomball Independent School District (Tomball ISD) (See map) which is rated as the #26 Best School District in Texas and the #1 School District in Harris County.

Tomball ISD has a Dual Language program model which integrates both English and Spanish native speakers, to help students become bilingual, bi-literate, and bicultural while promoting high academic achievements. Tomball ISD is a premier district of choice in which students will be able to expand their opportunities and develop a bilingual and bi-literate education and foundation, starting from kindergarten.

To enroll your kids in a bilingual program in Tomball ISD, you have to follow the enrollment process. Tomball ISD will enroll your kids at the campus that has enough availability and that is closest to your home. If you have more questions regarding the Tomball ISD registration progress you can take a look at their enrollment process.

We’ll show you mostly Spanish bilingual programs and immersion classes because we know at TruFluency Kids that immersion is a great way to ensure your kid is confident speaking Spanish. Since Tomball ISD only offers one public program in this area, we will also be mentioning some private schools that offer this type of program, in case you are interested in them.

TISD Spanish Bilingual Program in Tomball, TX

Spanish Programs for Kids in Tomball, TX  ISD

Tomball ISD is a highly regarded public school system well known for its reputation for excellence. With their bilingual model, Dual Language students will develop high linguistic proficiency in two languages in their One-way and Two-way dual language biliteracy models.

However, in this article, we will mostly focus on the Two-way dual language model since it is the one that focuses on English and Spanish Speakers.

This program was approved in January 2018 to begin at Rosehill Elementary. This program groups together students who speak primarily Spanish and English to take classes in both languages. This two-way model is not the same as the one implemented at other district schools. This model was implemented after the district parents expressed their interest in their children learning Spanish. If you’re interested, just note that the kids must be five when starting classes in September.

The Two-way Dual language academy is available to incoming kindergarten students that live outside of the Tomball ISD boundaries upon application approval. Rosehill Elementary is an all-year-round, limited open enrollment campus. Learn more about the application process.

Tomball ISD Schools for Spanish Learning

Rosehill Elementary School
Rosehill Elementary School

Rosehill Elementary School

Rosehill Elementary School is a public school located in Tomball, TX, and is rated as #527 on the list of Best Public Elementary Schools in Texas. This school has 742 Students in grades PK, K-4. This school is part of Tomball ISD, which educates students to become productive and responsible citizens after living the individually rigorous, and personally valuable educational experiences their programs have to offer.

As mentioned before, this school offers the One-way and Two-way Dual Language programs.

Canyon Pointe Elementary School
Canyon Pointe Elementary School

Canyon Pointe Elementary School

Canyon Pointe Elementary School is a highly rated public school that has approximately 782 students in the PK, and P-K levels, and it is part of Tomball ISD. This school holds the number fifth place in the public elementary schools in Harris County, according to Niche.

The school’s mission is to do whatever it takes to ensure high levels of learning for all students with the academic, career, personal, and social/emotional skills that are necessary to reach their full potential and become good citizens.

Creekside Forest Elementary School
Rosehill & Creekside Forest Elementary School

Creekside Forest Elementary School

Creekside Forest Elementary School is also a highly rated public school. It’s located in The Woodlands, TX and it’s also part of Tomball ISD. It has approximately 571 students in grades K-5 and it holds 10th place among the best public elementary schools in the Houston area according to Niche.

They declare to be a “Learning community where all continuously strive for excellence” in their Mission. Also, they provide a caring and innovative environment where diversity is highly celebrated.

Creekview Elementary School
Rosehill & Creekside Forest Elementary School

Creekview Elementary School

Creekview Elementary School is #169 on the list of Best Public Elementary Schools in TX, and it is considered #5 for Best Public Elementary Schools in Montgomery County according to Niche. It is located in The Woodlands and it’s also part of Tomball ISD. It has approximately 822 Students in grades PK and K-5.

They have the mission to give great learning for all, in a nurturing and collaborative culture to create great students and citizens.

Private, Preschool, & After-School Spanish Programs for Kids in Tomball / The Woodlands Area

As said before, Tomball/The Woodlands area is an amazing area to live in, since it is home to some of the highest rated schools in Texas. Many other options can be helpful if you want your child to develop their Spanish abilities, such as after school programs, nursery schools and preschools, or summer programs.

Let’s take a look at some of the options you can find for Spanish programs for kids in Tomball / The Woodlands areas.

Spanish Schoolhouse
Spanish Schoolhouse

Spanish School 4Kids

Spanish Schoolhouse is a Spanish immersion school that has the goal of helping children learn the Spanish language at a young age. They have preschool, kindergarten, summer camps, and after-school programs that are completely immersive in Spanish. In their immersive Spanish environment, children are surrounded by the language and they learn it through the natural interactions of social experiences and school activities! Isn’t it great?

Your child will be able to develop completely in Spanish, getting all the amazing benefits that growing up bilingual have for kids, such as enhanced creativity, memory, problem-solving, and ability to multitask.

Here are some testimonials about Spanish Schoolhouse from from their website:

“What a blessing this school has been to my family and son. He is so happy every day to go to school. I can already see how much he is improving with talking and communicating. I would recommend this school to anyone. I can’t wait to see what the next four years have in store for us at Spanish Schoolhouse!”

“The staff and faculty are so invested in the kids! I’ve never seen anything like it! It is the best choice I could have made for my child.”

Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy
Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy

Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy “provides an innovative teaching facility with premier educational programs for children 6 weeks through 12 years” according to the owner, quote taken from Yelp!

They follow the “Hug First, Then Teach” principle which means that they have a whole child approach in which they encourage the child’s emotional, intellectual, social, and physical well-being, with a completely family-oriented staff that assures a secure and nurturing environment.

They have a long list of accredited programs that start with an infant curriculum, but they also have programs such as summer camps, brain development, and extended learning at home, which provide education for pretty much any aspect of the child’s life. They have a 5-star rating on Yelp! and here are some testimonials of the parents taken from their website:

“Absolutely love this place! Transferred my son to this daycare 5 months ago from a daycare that treated him not so kindly. From day 1, my son has absolutely loved it! He’s learned so much from sign language to verbal words. We are in a better place and both him and I are absolutely happy with everyone there. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place.”

“Our granddaughter just completed her first month at Kids R Kids. My only words are fantastic and awesome. The staff is so friendly and loving to the children!”

RedRose Montessori School
RedRose Montessori School

RedRose Montessori Preschool

There are a lot of parents who are passionate about the Montessori approach. This approach prioritizes experiential learning and practical life skills which help our kids to be as independent as they can at their respective ages.

If you’re interested in your children learning Spanish in an immersive environment and with the Montessori approach, Red Rose Montessori might be a great option for you.

At Red Rose, they focus on creating critical learning time from ages birth to six. They focus your child’s learning process through all senses and engage the whole body. Also, they engage your child in connecting to the family, school, community, culture, and environment. This is great for the kids to develop a great sense of belonging and respect for the world they live in as well as for others.

They have programs that start from birth and also have programs such as summer camps and after-school.

Red Rose has a 5-star rating on Facebook and here are some testimonials found on their site:

“I am extremely happy with them, they make leaving my babies easier. I am at peace while working knowing that they are well cared for and loved. The staff is amazing, they are welcoming, they keep you informed and you can tell they really care about all the kids. My daughter has learned a lot, it’s amazing how much they do with the kids and how much the kids love being there. I definitely recommend.”

TruFluency Kids Online Spanish Immersion Program

How Children Learn a Second Language: Language Acquisition

We couldn’t finish this guide without talking about the classes that we have at TruFluency Kids and how they work. We offer accessible online Spanish classes for kids ages 4 through 17, seven days a week. We use The Bellieu Method with every lesson, and every lesson has been crafted specifically to get your kids talking. Then, we meticulously train all of our native speaking Spanish teachers. We also have teachers who are specially trained to connect with kids. And we teach REAL everyday Spanish from the very first class.

Our classes deliver great results on their own. You can see some testimonials for TruFluency Kids. But they are also a great enhancement to your kids’ learning if they are enrolled in the Tomball ISD’s dual-language program or other Spanish programs for kids in Tomball or The Woodlands. Most kids in dual language need extra practice outside of formal classes to get truly confident in speaking.

Are you ready for your kids to start being bilingual in a natural and immersive way? Get 20% off your first month of classes. Use promo TFK20 and join the next 4-week session to get your child fluent.

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