Spanish Immersion Programs for Kids in San Antonio, Texas

Life in San Antonio, Texas is amazing. Cheap real estate, low taxes, and big-city amenities with a small-town feel are some of the things that make this area a wonderful place to be. Of course, San Antonio as a big, developing area, gives you a great opportunity to explore bilingualism for your children as the Spanish-speaking population is rapidly expanding in Texas.

This makes learning Spanish almost a must-do to guarantee our children’s opportunities in the future, as learning Spanish as kids can help us improve in several areas in our lives (learn more about the benefits of learning Spanish as a kid).

However, we know that as a parent, getting to choose what is the best option for your kid can be a confusing and tough decision. At TruFluency Kids Spanish, we have taken on the task of researching and making things easier for you because well. We care about you. So if you are looking for options so your children can learn Spanish in the San Antonio area, here are a few that might interest you.

San Antonio, TX

About This Resource

This compilation will present you with some of the best Spanish Learning schools in the San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD).

To enroll your kids in a bilingual program in the San Antonio ISD you have to follow the enrollment process. San Antonio ISD will help you enroll your children in any of the SAISD schools whether it is at your neighborhood school or any of their choice schools.

You can submit a transfer request to attend a different neighborhood option. Their Enrollment Team can assist you by determining which school best fits your child. For an explanation of their enrollment process please call (210) 554-2669 or visit their website.

We’ll show you Spanish Bilingual and Immersion programs because we know at TruFluency Kids that immersion is the best/most efficient way to build fluency. SAISD offers more than 50 campuses that have Dual-language or bilingual programs. The ones that you will see here are the ones that we consider are the best choices.

However, we will also be mentioning some private schools, and language courses, as we know that each family has different needs, goals, and routines and we’re trying to help as many families as we can.

Dual-Language Programs in San Antonio School Districts

San Antonio Spanish Schools & Programs

San Antonio Independent School District ranks as the 13th largest of Texas school districts. It serves the Downtown, Midtown, and inner-city areas of the city of San Antonio and a small portion of the city of Balcones Heights.

SAISD has the fastest-growing dual-language program in the state of Texas. With 61 dual language programs, SAISD is looking to continue implementing and sustaining an effective PK-12 dual language program that develops strong cognitive skills in both Spanish and English. Their goal is to develop bilingualism and biliteracy at the same time they are promoting social-cultural competencies.

In San Antonio ISD, dual-language programs are available for students from pre-K through high school. The entry requirements will differ at different ages so make sure your children meet the right requirements before enrolling them in any dual-language programs.

SAISD’s dual-language is always evolving, so we recommend visiting the SAISD academic website to get the latest information and the current application deadlines in case you’re interested in enrolling, and the SAISD website for more announcements and news.

Highlighted San Antonio ISD Schools for Spanish Learning

Even though we believe that the overall San Antonio ISD’s dual-language programs are excellent, there are few schools in the district that we’re extra happy to share with you.

Mark Twain Dual Language Academy

Mark Twain Dual Language Academy

The Mark Twain Dual Language Academy is rated #14 in the Best Charter Elementarý schools in the San Antonio area. Mark Twain is one of the eight original SAISD schools that started in 1923. They opened their Dual-Language Academy in august 2017 offering their students the opportunity to be able to use both English and Spanish. The school’s ultimate goal is to produce bilingual, bi-literate, and culturally proficient students in all cognitive, cultural, and economic areas. This school is the first of its kind in San Antonio ISD as it encourages all of its students to embrace speaking Spanish and celebrating Hispanic culture.

The school serves PK-7 and will add 8th grade in the 2022-2033 school year. The academy will be open to students from throughout Bexar County, and priority will be given to those within Twain’s attendance boundaries.

Pre-K at Twain will be provided in the form of tuition to students who do not meet the eligibility requirements to attend pre-kindergarten free of charge.

Kate Schenck Elementary School

Kate Schenck Elementary School

Kate Schenck Elementary School holds distinctions in different areas such as Math, Science, and ELA/Reading. They look for equity and excellence for all of their students and it shows as it holds the #2 place in San Antonio Independent School District Elementary School’s ranking.

They provide a safe and caring environment for all students so they can be capable of learning at the highest levels with a student-centered instructional approach. They serve from grades PK-5 and their dual-language program provides quality instruction in Spanish and English beginning in PK so students can connect both languages.

They work with an 80/20 immersive model in which one language is taught at 80% and the other one at 20% depending on the students’ needs, and what they do is explicitly teach similarities and differences between both languages.

Washington Irving Dual Language Academy

Washington Irving Dual Language Academy

Washington Irving’s dual language program serves students from PreK- to 5th grade, and they provide students with improved learning experiences by teaching them in English and Spanish. In this program, the kids that are native English speakers and the ones that are not, learn together in an environment where coexistence and mutual participation make the learning experience an enriching and immersive experience.

Their student population is mostly Hispanic, so this is a great opportunity for your kids to be immersed in a different culture and new things to explore.

Other San Antonio Dual Language Schools

Not every school in the SAISD offers an immersive Spanish program and some charter schools are equally good options to invest in your children’s bilingual education.

BASIS San Antonio Primary - Medical Center

BASIS San Antonio Primary – Medical Center

From kindergarten through fifth grade, Basis San Antonio Primary – Medical Center Campus provides an education emphasizing the fundamental learning skills necessary for future success. There are 769 students in grades K-5. This school holds first place in the Best Charter Elementary Schools in the San Antonio Area.

Their rigorous curriculum engages students in dynamic, hands-on lessons across a well-balanced variety of courses, preparing them for success in middle school, high school, college, and beyond. They also claim to emphasize respect and understanding by incorporating social and emotional growth objectives into their classes.

Advanced Learning Academy

Advanced Learning Academy

The Advanced Learning Academy is a school that belongs to the CAST School Network. CAST intends to reinvent schooling by making its students’ learning process connected to the real world. With its project-based learning, students learn by facing situations that are easily replicable in real life and that prepare them to face situations that may occur in everyday life, making them capable of solving problems naturally and critically.

This school has several clubs and extracurricular activities for children. This charter school has approximately 894 students in grades PK, K-12, and is ranked #12 among the best charter elementary schools in the San Antonio Area.

Private, After-School, & Preschool Spanish Immersion in the San Antonio Area

Public education in the United States may not include a full bilingual experience. Trufluency Kids can help if this is a priority for your child! We have rounded up the best private, preschool, and after-school programs that offer quality classes for children to start developing in Spanish in the San Antonio Area.

Spanish Grove Academy
Spanish Grove Academy Logo

Spanish Grove Academy

The Spanish Grove Academy is powered by ExcellED Montessori Plus. This school is one of the first Spanish preschool programs in San Antonio. The mix of bilingualism and Montessori forms a powerful educational strategy that accelerates learning and provides children with a strong foundation for success in school and life.

The goal of ExcellED Schools is to educate independent learners with 21st-century knowledge, creativity, and learning skills to succeed in an ever-changing world. ExcellED Montessori Plus takes the Montessori model one step further by fostering the next generation of learners by combining other project-based and team-based approaches such as Reggio Emilia Method. Their approach to learning involves creating a supportive environment and community where parents, children, and educators are considered partners throughout the learning process.

This school has a 4.9-star rating on Google. Parents choose this school for different reasons such as curriculum, bilingualism, safety, and technology, among others.

Tohui Language Academy
Tohui Language Academy

Tohui Language Academy

This academy seeks to empower students through learning not two, but THREE languages! (Spanish, English, and Mandarin). Their program is grounded in the Sound Theory and the best-known practices related to a good educational model that provides an additional trilingual environment. All of their students can learn a second and third language but at the same time, they are developing their native language skills.

This approach to biliteracy has proven to be unique and highly successful. Tohuí Language Academy has developed a unique curriculum based on the study and acquisition of second language skills using a combination of TEKS Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills and Preparation Standards.

They have programs from Preschool to Elementary 1st to 3rd grades. They hold a 5 out of 5 review rating on both Facebook and Google.

TruFluency Kids Spanish Immersion Program

How Children Learn a Second Language: Language Acquisition

If you want your kid to learn Spanish in a fun, immersive environment, then check out our immersive Spanish classes. At TruFluency Kids Spanish, we offer a variety of Spanish immersion programs that are perfect for children of all ages.

Our Spanish immersion programs are designed for students who want to learn the language fluently, so they can communicate with people from Spanish-speaking countries. We understand that learning another language is important for social and professional growth—that’s why our programs are engaging and fun!

We offer classes that are taught by native speakers with years of experience. Not to mention we train every teacher ourselves in our own Bellieu Method. Our teachers know how to keep your children engaged while they’re learning, so they’ll look forward to every class.

All classes are offered online with live teachers, with uber flexible schedules. Never pay for a class you missed. Just jump in another one. It doesn’t matter if your child is five or fifteen—we have a class for them! You’ll also get access to free websites that you can use at home when you want extra practice (if you want).

We strive for Spanish fluency because we believe that becoming proficient in another language opens up many opportunities for your child’s future success. We hope you’ll join us on this journey!

Our classes deliver great results. Just check out the testimonials for TruFluency Kids.

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