Have you ever been to a party and was sad when it was over? On top of that you were left with the difficult and tiring task of helping clean. Well, this is exactly what happened to maestra Brenda the other day. So she absolutely gets you.

But do you know what? She saw this as an opportunity to teach you some Spanish through a Tik Tok lesson. Don’t worry, it’s not boring, useless vocabulary. On the contrary, she teaches you everyday Mexican slang and common phrases you’ll hear all the time.

So, come learn with maestra Brenda things Mexicans say when the party’s over. You might find the perfect expressions for the next time you have to help your mom clean up the house after a party.

Common Spanish Words

Here are some important Spanish words you’ll hear throughout this Tik Tok video lesson with maestra Brenda. Try and learn these words as they are of common use:

  • Acabó – Finished / Ended
  • Fiesta – Party
  • Levantar – To clean up / To lift / To get up
  • Trapo – Cloth
  • Limpiar – To clean
  • Platos – Dishes
  • Sillas – Chairs
  • Escoba – Broom
  • Barre – Sweep
  • Patio – Patio
  • Sola – Alone
  • Adiós – Goodbye / Bye

Common Spanish Phrases for After the Party

Here are some very common phrases in Spanish that every Mexican has said after a party is over and that you’ll learn on this Tik Tok video. Don’t think that these phrases are just for adults. That’s not the case at all.

Kids could also benefit from learning and using these expressions. Because they’re so common they’ll probably hear them when they visit Mexico or talk to a native Spanish speaker.

Help your children learn this, so they can later apply them in a real-life situation. Some of these next phrases work as orders or petitions and some as general expressions:

  1. ¡Ay, no! / Oh, no!
  2. Se acabó la fiesta. / The party is over.
  3. No hay nadie aquí. / There’s no one here.
  4. ¡Ni modo! / Oh well!
  5. Hay que levantar. / I have to clean up.
  6. ¡Ven aquí! / Come here!
  7. Ayúdame. / Help me.
  8. ¡Ándale! / Come on!
  9. Vamos a limpiar. / Let’s clean.
  10. Listo. / Ready / Done.
  11. Levanta los platos. / Get the dishes.
  12. ¡Muy bien! / Nice! / Very well!
  13. Barre el patio. / Sweep the patio.
  14. Te toca. / It’s your turn.

Parents and children can practice this together. Whenever you want your kids to help you with a chore that fits one of the phrases above, tell them in Spanish. And the kids could use one of the slang expressions as an answer. For example:

  • Mom / Dad / Tutor: Levanta los platos, por favor. (Get the dishes, please).
  • Kid: Listo! (Done!)

See? These phrases are for daily life.

Check out the TikTok mini lesson on “Things Mexicans Say when the Party is Over” to learn more Spanish expressions. Believe us, it’s a very important video with a useful lesson.

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