If you’re already familiar with the many benefits of bilingualism, it should come as no surprise that more and more families are turning to a dual language education for their children. But with so many different second language programs and formats available, choosing the right one for your kids can seem like a daunting task.

At TruFluency Kids, our lessons build speaking fluency by exploring fun and engaging themes. We think this is the best way to learn a language, and pairing these lessons with a more traditional, academic Spanish language arts program is an excellent way to set your child up for success.

But many traditional textbook lessons can be dull, uninspiring, and inauthentic—this isn’t what we want for our kids. That’s why we’re thrilled to tell you about Llamitas Spanish®, an academically robust, culturally authentic, and beautifully illustrated curriculum for families wanting a complete Spanish homeschool education.

Llamitas Spanish® provides formal, academic curricula for families raising bilingual children with engaging themes rooted in Hispanic culture. We’ve reviewed their done-for-you Spanish lessons, and can honestly say this isn’t just your average textbook, but an exciting thematic Spanish program for young learners.

Who Is Llamitas Spanish For?

Llamitas Spanish® is perfect for families committed to raising bilingual children through a dual language education that they can do at home. Their curricula have been created specifically for the early years, with fun Spanish lessons for preschool through elementary age kids.

Like TruFluency Kids, Llamitas Spanish® includes tiered levels, from beginner through intermediate. They currently offer four programs:

  • Preschool Morning Binder
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Holiday and Seasonal Bundle

They’re also working on adding an advanced level (Level 3), which is expected to be available in the summer of 2025.

Something you’ll love about Llamitas Spanish® is that it’s flexible and low-pressure no matter what kind of experience your family has with Spanish. Latina families raising bilingual kids as well as non-native Spanish learners are raving about this beautiful curriculum, and it’s easy to see why! So, let’s get into the details.

“This is honestly one of the easiest open-and-go curricula I own! The scripts make it super easy! You won’t find a more well-rounded Spanish curriculum. I’ve tried!” –Clarissa Thomas

What Should I Know About Llamitas Spanish?

Llamitas Spanish® was founded in 2021 by Corrie Wiik, a bilingual mom with Master’s degrees in Education and Spanish, who was looking for a curriculum to support her in raising bilingual children.

After discovering a real need for academically robust and authentic Spanish lessons that were also easy on parents, Corrie began working with a team of bilingual educators to launch Llamitas Spanish®.

Transitioning from a Spanish teacher to curriculum creator, Corrie made it her mission to design Llamitas Spanish® with these core values at its heart:

  • Academics: Llamitas Spanish® is academically robust, providing a solid foundation in phonics, math, and literacy. Lessons support your child to be bilingual and biliterate across subjects.
  • Beautiful Illustrations: Again, this isn’t your average Spanish textbook—Llamitas Spanish® uses beautiful illustrations to make learning an engaging and joyful experience for kids. The illustrations used throughout their curricula were actually hand painted by a team of artists.
  • Hispanic Culture: If you’re looking for authentic lessons taught within the context of Hispanic culture, Llamitas Spanish® promotes cultural appreciation through traditional nursery rhymes, folktales, art and culture studies, and more. Their lessons are all rooted in Hispanic culture.
  • Open and Go: Llamitas Spanish® is super accessible no matter your background in Spanish thanks to the included bilingual scripts. Plus, all you have to do is open the book and go—there’s literally no prep needed!

The fact that Llamitas Spanish® makes learning Spanish fun for kids, flexible, and accessible to all types of families absolutely aligns with our purpose at TruFluency Kids, and we truly believe they’ve accomplished that with their curricula.

“I love the artwork and the ease of teaching the lessons. The kids stay engaged, big and small! They also demand to have the songs on repeat!” –Kristen Celis

Spanish Grammar Through Stories

At TruFluency Kids, we love storytelling and believe in the power of good stories for language acquisition. That’s why we also love that Llamitas Spanish® teaches grammar through authentic stories!

This means kids aren’t just learning vocabulary and grammar on its own, but in context—real, everyday language that can actually be applied outside of the classroom.

Their Level 2 curriculum includes a gorgeously illustrated bilingual folktale anthology with fun folktales about the Maya, a cheeky opossum and foolish coyote, and more! Through these stories, kids gain an understanding of grammar concepts, learning about adverbs, adjectives, nouns, verbs, and punctuation.

“This curriculum is worth it! My kids are excited to learn Spanish and ask every morning when we can do our Spanish lesson. It’s so easy to facilitate and the lessons are fun and engaging.” –Angela Gomez

Reading and Writing

With TruFluency Kids, we have students speaking in Spanish on day one to begin working toward fluency. With our focus on speaking fluently, we think that Llamitas Spanish® is a necessary addition for families with a desire to build biliteracy skills in reading and writing.

The lessons develop phonological awareness right from the beginning in both their introductory Spanish Morning Binder and Level 1 Curriculum, beginning with simple letter recognition, tracing, and letter sounds before moving onto counting syllables and decoding words.

Level 2 then builds on these concepts through spelling and grammar awareness as students learn the parts of speech, punctuation, creative writing, and more.

The best part is that all of this learning is done in a way that feels natural and fun for kids, through exciting thematic lessons and folktales.

“THIS is the Spanish curriculum you’ve been looking for! Your kids will love how the themes are brought to life in Spanish and will feel so proud of themselves as they learn words in a new language!” –Kaylee Andrade

Llamitas Spanish® Level 1

What’s Included in a Llamitas Spanish Curriculum?

With a Llamitas Spanish® curriculum, you’ll gain lifetime access to their open-and-go lessons which can either be purchased in print and shipped right to your door OR purchased as digital-only content you can print at home. (The digital-only option is a great choice for families on a tighter budget!)

You’ll also receive access to a portal that has an abundance of additional educational resources to support you. This includes native speaker audio tracks, traditional nursery rhymes, music, flashcards, book lists, printable stories, and much more.

In Level 1, kids will learn Spanish through exciting thematic lessons on topics ranging from the Ocean, Jungle, and Space to Family, Pets, Community Helpers, and more. They’ll learn classic Spanish nursery rhymes such as “Los pollitos dicen” and “La vaca Lola.”

Level 2 explores Hispanic culture in-depth through folktales and lessons on Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona, the ancient Maya civilization, and art and music studies. Topics like Birds, Nocturnal Animals, and the Human Body are also covered in their cross-curricular approach to language learning.

While Llamitas Spanish® uses “bookwork” for their lessons, it’s always in a fun and interactive way. You can expect lots of practice through songs, movement games, crafts, and stories that your kids will truly enjoy.

Llamitas Spanish® Level 2

Fun and Flexible Spanish Lessons for Kids

At TruFluency Kids, we’re delighted to be partnering with Llamitas Spanish® to help you provide the best Spanish language education for your children.

We love that each course level is a one-time payment that grants you lifetime access to the materials, with flexible options ranging from $47 to $247, which is very affordable considering what you get.

Plus, there are no monthly memberships or hidden fees, so you know exactly what you’re paying from the start! Their customers say it’s worth every penny for the abundance of quality resources you get with your course.