One of the best ways to learn Spanish as a second language is through story time. Kids find it fun and interesting, because they get attached to the characters and invested in the story. It’s as if they were living the Spanish adventures themselves, and in a way, they are.

If you think about it, it’s also how they learned their mother tongue, by listening to stories. Just think about those tales you read to your babies during bedtime. So, it’s only natural, they’d also learned their second language that way.

If you’re looking for a way to see how kids could learn through this method, check our two TikTok Pirate Movie video lessons. Both you and your kids will learn tons from it.

How to Teach Your Kids Through Stories

We can take some tips on how to teach our kids Spanish through stories in the first part of this Pirate Movie TikTok lessons. Here are TruFluency Kids’ founder, Micah Bellieu, tips and way of teaching:

Read the story out loud. Don’t just give your kids the book or the tale for them to read it. Even if they are already old enough to read by themselves, it’s always fun to have your parents read to you.

These kinds of “small” moments are what kids remember forever and will make you connect more. Plus, they’ll hear the correct pronunciation of the words, therefore training their listening and speaking skills.

Act out the words. For kids to truly get into the story, you must act out every word. If you just read it in a monotonous tone, they’ll get bored, even if the story is awesome.

If you act, they’ll get engaged in the story and will want to know more. It’s like when you watch a movie, you want to see the actors feel their characters and situations.

Ask questions. In this storytelling lesson, we ask questions throughout the reading and kids must answer in Spanish. This is a great tip to practice reading comprehension.

That way, you’ll notice how much Spanish they’re learning, and which words or phrases need more practice. They’ll also practice their speaking skills.

Spanish Vocabulary from the “A Pirate Movie” Lesson

Here are some phrases your kids will learn watching our first and second TikTok lesson about learning through a pirate story:

  • Una película de piratas – A pirate movie
  • Hoy voy a ver una película – Today I’m watching a movie
  • Tengo que llamar a mi amiga Sara – I have to call my friend Sara
  • ¿Dónde estás? – Where are you?
  • Estoy en el cine – I’m at the movies
  • ¡A mi me encanta ir al cine! – I love going to the movies!
  • A mí me encantan las palomitas. Son muy deliciosas. – I love popcorn. They’re so delicious.

Here are some questions we ask during those TikTok lessons to kids. So they can practice their Spanish and comprehension by answering them. You can use these questions as an example of what to ask when you read stories to your children:


  • ¿Qué vas a ver? – What are you going to see?
  • ¿Cuándo vas a ver la película? – When are you going to see the movie?
  • ¿Qué es esto? – What’s this?
  • ¿Cómo se llama su amiga? – What’s her friend’s name?
  • ¿En dónde está Sara? – Where’s Sara?
  • ¿Te gusta ir al cine? – Do you like going to the movies?

Read More Awesome Spanish Stories with TruFluency Kids

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