One of the best ways kids can learn a language is by reading storytelling books. Those with awesome characters and adventures that kids can be interested in. Because learning through context is always better and more enjoyable.

But where could you get these types of books? We recommend Thriftbooks! TruFluency Kids has its own TikTok channel, where our very own CEO, Micah Bellieu, buys books from there and gives tips for reading time! There are also some children’s book suggestions to learn French (if that’s what you want for your kids).

TruFluency Kids Reading Time Recommendations

What are some of our recommendations on our TikTok video?

  • Don’t buy books made for native English speakers to learn Spanish. The best are books with stories to learn through context.
  • Practice the vocabulary you learn with your kids.
  • Sticker books are not the best option. Try with some books with pictures.
  • For more tips, check out our video on TickTok.

Foreign Books for Kids Learning Spanish

Looking for incredible books to learn Spanish through context? Here are some children’s book suggestions for ages 3 – 10 by Mexican and Spanish authors that you can find on Thriftbooks.

1. ¡Si no comí nada! – Mar Benegas
Mar Benegas is the Spanish author who wrote this fun book with some winks to classic tales. It follows a wolf that has a stomach ache, so he goes to the doctor. But this wolf states that he didn’t eat anything. Kids will have to read it to figure out what’s going on with the wolf and if he’s telling the truth.

It’s full of illustrations that are just as amazing as the text.

2. En mi familia – Carmen Lomas Garza
This is a book with various pictures and each one of them has a story about it. The author is American with Mexican ancestry. In this book (and in others of hers as well), she writes all stories in both Spanish and English. So, it’s a great practice for bilingual kids.

The book is about growing up in a Mexican-American family and culture. This makes it a great way for kids to start understanding biculturalism. It’s also good for Mexican-American children because they can relate to it.

3. Lara y los cuentos del abuelo – Carlos Reviejo
Carlos Reviejo is a Spanish author who focuses on children’s books; he’s written many. He’s also been a teacher, so he really understands kids. This book in particular really connects with children, because it’s about the curiosity that all kids have. As a parent or a tutor, your kids have probably asked you too many questions on different occasions, right?

Well, this book follows Lara, a girl that is constantly asking all kinds of questions, because she’s discovering the world. And her grandpa shares the answers through amazing tales.

4. Brujas. Oscuras y Luminosas – Mariana Pérez Duarte
Witches tend to be the villains of the stories and they’ve been portrayed like that for years. This book by Mexican author Mariana Pérez Duarte collects stories of different witches to see how they really are. Your kids will discover there are different kinds of witches and not all are bad. It’s a magical book with very beautiful illustrations.

It’s for kids a bit older than three years, like from seven years and older. The best of all is that even the parents can enjoy the book

Want More Spanish Learning Recommendations?

On our TikTok channel, we offer different recommendations for kids learning Spanish and for their parents to help them. We even have some mini lessons to learn some vocabulary.

If you like what you see there, check out our Spanish classes. We have native teachers, so your kids will be fully immersed in the language. We will also make sure they learn through more amazing storytelling, as well as games, songs, and more fun activities.

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