A consistent bedtime routine benefits kids physically and mentally. And bedtime just so happens to be a perfect opportunity to practice Spanish. If you use the same Spanish words and phrases over and over at bedtime, learning happens just about effortlessly. Some research has also shown that learning before bedtime improves retention.

In this article, we’ll share some vocabulary, songs, and stories your kids can use to complete their whole bedtime routine in Spanish.

Spanish Words and Phrases to Use at Bedtime

  • Did you take a bath/shower? – ¿Te bañaste/duchaste?
  • I took a bath/shower. – Me bañé/duché.
  • Don’t forget to brush your teeth. – No olvides cepillarte los dientes.
  • I need to brush my teeth. – Necesito cepillarme los dientes
  • Did you floss your teeth? – ¿Te pasaste hilo dental en los dientes?
  • I flossed my teeth? – Me limpié los dientes con hilo dental.
  • Put on your pajamas. – Ponte tu pijama.
  • I put on my pajamas. – Me puse mi pijama.
  • I like to read before bed. – Me gusta leer antes de acostarme.
  • Do you want me to read you a bedtime story? – ¿Quieres que te lea un cuento?
  • Lullaby – Canción de cuna
  • Remember to set the alarm clock. – Recuerde poner el reloj despertador.
  • Lights out! – Fuera luces!
  • Good night – Buenas noches
  • Sweet dreams – Dulces sueños
  • Sleep well – Duermas bien

Bedtime Stories in Spanish

Reading or listening to a story is one of the most effective ways to practice a new language. When your kids get invested in the plot and the characters, they are more motivated to learn the Spanish words they need to follow the story. For younger kids, books with pictures reinforce the meaning of the words in the story. And revisiting a favorite story again and again helps their minds retain the Spanish they are learning.

It’s easy to find Spanish-language editions of beloved books for young readers, whether your kids are in their “Goodnight, Moon” years or Harry Potter-loving tweens. But we also recommend seeking out books that were originally written in Spanish. You can even find free stories in Spanish online.

Lullabies in Spanish

Sharing a soothing song before bedtime is a sweet ritual. And there are many beautiful Spanish lullabies you can add to your repertoire. You can always buy or stream some Spanish lullaby albums, but you certainly don’t have to. It’s easy to find videos of Spanish lullabies online, and many even have lyrics on screen so you can follow along. We like this roundup of Spanish lullaby videos from Bilingual Kidspot, which should help lull kids to sleep for many nights to come.

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