Teaching a second language like Spanish to children has so many benefits. It’s also believed that it’s much easier for children to learn languages. It’s the perfect time to encourage your child to pick up a second language as they’re just grasping their first. If you want to spark interest in your child and build confidence in their language learning ability, there is nothing wrong with starting out with certain topics and key phrases. Learning colors in Spanish can be rewarding and easy to teach.

First, let’s look at the vocabulary of the colors in Spanish:

Red- rojo-  pronounced (rohhoh)

Blue- azul- pronounced- (ah-sool)

Yellow- amarillo-pronounced (ah-mah-ree-yo)

Orange- naranja or anaranjado- pronounced (nah-rahn-ha OR ah-nah-rahn-hah-doh)

Brown -marrón – pronounced (mah-rrohn)

Black -negro/a-pronounced (neh-groh)

White -blanco/a pronounced (blahn-ko)

Purple -morado pronounced (moh-rah-doh)

Pink – rosa pronounced (roh-sah)

Grey- gris pronounced (grees)

Green- verde pronounced (vehr-deh)

Ideas For Teaching Them Colors

Using index cards for younger children may not be ideal and most children of any age would want you to just say the words to them. In order to teach them their colors in Spanish, you can have to be creative. It’s also best to start out with only a few colors at a time so that your child doesn’t get overwhelmed. The key to teaching them is to be consistent. Here are some ways you can sneak teaching Spanish colors to your children:

  • Tell them the color of something in both Spanish (just like English, you didn’t translate, you just said it) – For example, when you hand them an orange say naranja or anaranjado. Your kid will eventually associate the Spanish word to it just like they do the English.

  • Play a Color Game- There are many games you could make up to teach your kids colors in Spanish. One game could be color bingo where you have a bingo card and you say the colour in Spanish and have them mark their card. Or veo (Color). I see a certain color. And they have to figure out what you’re looking at. Like I spy!

  • Get them the Crayons with the Spanish names on them- There are some crayons that have both the Spanish and English names on them. You can purchase them for your child and bring their attention to the colors on the crayon. This way they can also see how they’re spelt.

  • Watch videos on Youtube- Youtube will have songs that will teach the colors. Some children learn much easier through song. Heck, most adults do too!

  • Make them Color- Children love to color anyway but you can make it informative. You can dictate to them whether verbally or by writing it down on the page what color (in Spanish) they should color something in.

Get Kids Fluent in Spanish

If you’re ready for children to learn Spanish in a more serious way, we can help! We know exactly how kids want to learn Spanish and that’s why we deliver our lessons in kid-friendly ways: one on one, small groups, short classes, frequent and all online or private in home. Our methods are tried and proven so you can be confident in your child learning effectively learning Spanish. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.