Spanish Schools for Kids in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is one of the major cities in the US. Being the biggest city in the state of California and the second-largest city in the whole country, speaking Spanish in LA has a lot of advantages. This County has by far the biggest Spanish-speaking population in the United States. With a population of 3,898,747 people, and a Spanish-speaking population of 39%. Learning Spanish in this area is almost a must, especially for our children.

Is very well-known that the Spanish-speaking population is growing rapidly in the United States, that’s why if we want to guarantee our children’s future, thinking of a bilingual approach to their education is a great choice. Being bilingual can provide a lot of improvement in different areas of their lives such as cognitive and social benefits, better job opportunities, and better life quality.

At Trufluency Kids we know that finding the best option for our children’s education can be complicated. We have taken the time to look for the best options so your children can learn Spanish in Los Angeles, hoping that this guide can be helpful to you.

Los Angeles, CA

About This Resource

This resource will introduce you to some of the best options for your children to learn Spanish in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). (see map)

In order to enroll your children in a bilingual program, your address must be within the LAUSD boundaries or in a Zone of Choice in Los Angeles USD. You have to complete the enrollment process in order to find a school near your area and then be assigned to a school.

In this resource, we will show you only Dual-Language and Spanish Immersion programs as we at Trufluency Kids Spanish recognize immersion as the most efficient way to build knowledge in a new language. LAUSD has more than 50 schools that offer Dual-language (DLE) or bilingual programs.

The ones that you will see in this resource we consider to be the best choices for your children. However, we will also add some good private and after-school options because we know that each family has different needs and budgets and we want to help as much as possible.

Los Angeles USD Dual Language Program

LAUSD Dual-Language and Spanish Immersion Programs

Los Angeles Unified School district (LAUSD) is the second largest school district in the United States. With over 1000 schools, LAUSD serves over 600,000 students from kindergarten through twelfth grade.

This district also has more than 200 independently-operated public charter schools, authorized by the LAUSD board of education. All of these institutions achieve the LAUSD mission like the top level in the graduation rate and pass rate on the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) among other academic indicators. Schools in this district are also nationally recognized for serving healthy, vegetarian, and low-fat school lunches.

With more than 115 new schools and campuses, LAUSD holds one of the largest public works projects funded by bond measures, a testament to broad voter support. So many indicators reaffirm that this school district is a great choice for your children.

Los Angeles USD Dual Language Schools

LAUSD ranks the #17 Best School District for athletes in California according to Niche. It also holds a great place in the Most Diverse School Districts in Los Angeles Area which means that there are lots of opportunities for your child to develop in a multicultural environment. However, there are some schools that we consider to be the best choices for fluency in Spanish.

Broadway Elementary School
Broadway Elementary School Logo

Broadway Elementary School

Broadway Elementary School is a school that offers immersion programs in Spanish and Mandarin. Their mission is to “…is to provide an intellectually challenging and standards-based curriculum in both English and Spanish…”

Students in this program receive a diligent education in social studies, language arts, mathematics, and sciences. With their instruction with the 50/50 dual language model, students receive instruction across all subject areas in both English and Spanish for an equal amount of time in the day.

Their Spanish Immersion Program is currently offered for grades K-5. Broadway Elementary has an Overall A- grade in Niche. making it an excellent school of choice in LAUSD.

Montara Avenue Elementary School
Montara Avenue Elementary School

Montara Avenue Elementary School

The Montara Avenue Elementary dual-language program has the goals of achieving bilingualism, biliteracy, and academic achievements in both Spanish and English, as well as allowing all of its students to reach enough socio-cultural competencies to develop in a two-language environment.

All academic areas are taught in both languages, and they hold a curricular enrichment through teachers, parents, and cross-grade collaboration

Their main goals are to educate and develop well-rounded learners who can contribute to a 21st Century society. Also, they look to developing not only good students but “the whole person” taking care of all: the social, emotional, and cognitive areas in their students.

If you’re interested in your children attending this school, you can see how they rank on Niche and find information about their enrollment process, news, and curriculum on their website.

Euclid Avenue Elementary School
Euclid Avenue Elementary School

Euclid Avenue Elementary School

Euclid Avenue Elementary School is a 2-way immersion Spanish school. They understand that biliteracy and bilingualism are no longer a commodity but a necessity in the modern world.

They offer a 50/50 Two-way immersion program that prepares their students to become global citizens that know how to communicate, engages in problem-solving, and collaborate in both Spanish and English.

They immerse their students into the language, customs, and traditions of Spanish-speaking countries around the world by hosting special community events every certain time. They accept children starting at the K-5 level.

Euclid Avenue has 4 star rating on Greatschools.

More Outstanding Los Angeles Schools

Even though the Los Angeles USD has over 50 schools who offer a Dual Language or bilingual progream, that leaves 950 more excellent schools in the area! The following schools are also great choices in the district for your children’s education.
Lake Balboa College Prep School
Lake Balboa College Prep School

Lake Balboa College Preparatory Magnet K-12

The Lake Balboa Prep School ranks #20 in Niche Standout Middle Schools in the Los Angeles area. It is a highly-rated, alternative public school located in Lake Balboa, Ca.

At Lake Balboa Prep School, students become global citizens in a school culture of creativity, respect, and enthusiasm for learning. They empower students to take personal initiative to follow their passions and to think about their future in lifelong learning about the world.

Also, the family environment in this school helps students to reach their full potential. This school is rated A in Niche, and has nothing but great reviews like this one:

“Growing up from being a little girl in kindergarten to a graduating senior I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Our school is like one family filled with diversity and love all around. From being a team player on the basketball court to in the classroom you feel the family bond we have created.

The teachers are so involved in each student’s life providing the best education to succeed. Community college was something I never thought of, my school provided me with the opportunity to take college classes as a head start leading me on the right path to university.”

Community Magnet Charter Elementary School
Community Magnet Charter Elementary School

Community Magnet Charter School

The Community Magnet Charter School (CMCS) is rated #28 in Best Charter Elementary Schools in the Los Angeles area according to Niche. CMCS is a National Blue Ribbon in LAUSD serving grades K-5. The school is located in the canyons above Westwood in the Bel-Air neighborhood and serves about 463 students.

Its mission is to develop the full learning potential in all students while taking care of their minds and bodies. CMCS emphasizes the study of social sciences and humanities through a multicultural perspective.

They support anti-racism, gender equity, LGBTQIA+ individuals, neurodivergent students, and religious acceptance causes. They look to create empowered and kind young people who have critical thinking skills for success in the global community. They have a 4.3 stars on Greatschools and lots of great reviews like this one:

“My son has been here since kinder and now entering fifth grade. He loved his kinder teacher (Fanahi), grade 3, and 4. All the other grades were good too, but K,3, and 4 really stand out. He enjoys music class and art. One of his favorite enrichment classes has been the improv class he had.

The principal and magnet coordinator are amazing. Truly child centered and responsive to parents. The year spend online during Covid could not have been any better. The school went above and beyond to provide kids the best experience. The bus experience post- covid was spectacular- I am floored by the level of organization that was in place! Community is truly a community of parents, teachers, and students that all come together to make each day a great learning experience.”

Private Schools, Preschool, and After-School Programs for Spanish Learning

Now that we’ve talked about the best choices for public schools in this district, we know that sometimes parents prefer a private school over a public one. At TruFluency Kids, we value all kinds of education options, so we’ve also taken the time to research the best private options for you.
Intiwasi Spanish Immersion Preschool
Intiwasi Spanish Immersion Preschool

Intiwasi Preschool

Intiwasi Preschool is a non-profit Spanish immersion school located in the Pico-Robertson area that offers high-quality bilingual education in safe and nurturing spaces where students can grow and find success. They currently serve elementary levels TK and Kindergarten from ages 2-6.

They teach by following an eclectic approach to language education that borrows from diverse educational philosophies such as Montessori, Reggio, and others. Also, their immersion program emphasizes second language acquisition and proficiency with a concentration on oral communication.

Intiwasi has a 5 star rating on Yelp, which makes them one of the best options for your children.

Kallpachay Spanish Immersion Preschool
Kallpachay Spanish Immersion Preschool

Kallpachay Spanish Immersion Preschool

Kallpachay Spanish Immersion School looks to connect students to all aspects of Spanish culture. Their approach challenges students through arts and games with a focus on speaking practice.

Their main goal is to help children advance as Spanish-Language learners through playful exploration and cultural celebration. They have courses for kids, adults, and caregiver training.

Also, they have a Spanish immersion camp that claims to be entirely kinesthetic and conversational.

Kallpachay has a 4.5 star rating on Yelp and 5 stars on Facebook. Also, on their website you can find lots of good reviews that totally recommend this school. Kallpachay is another great choice if you’re interested in private Spanish immersion.

TruFluency Kids Spanish Immersion Program

How Children Learn a Second Language: Language Acquisition

Last but not least, we couldn’t finish this guide without mentioning our very own Spanish Immersion classes. If you want your child to learn in an immersive, fun, and interactive environment you can rely on us!

The best part is that you don’t need to leave your home or pay a lot of money. Our online programs strive for fluency. Our teachers are specially trained in our own Bellieu Method which aims for fun, entertaining and engaging classes that will keep your child focused while learning.

All of our classes are offered online with flexible schedules and life lessons. We also give you access to extra Spanish resources with no added cost so you can also practice with your child outside class time. Our main goal is that your child learns how to communicate and understand Spanish in an almost native way.

We hope to see you join us on this journey soon!

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