Spanish Schools for Kids in Val Verde, California

Val Verde is a suburb located in Los Angeles County. With a population of 3261, Val Verde offers its residents a rural feel. By being located in one of the most populous counties in the United States, the Spanish speaking population in Val Verde has been growing rapidly. According to DATA USA, 66.1% of the population is Hispanic, and Spanish is the second non-English most spoken language.

Because of this reason, we believe that starting to think about bilingual education for our children is not a bad idea. Raising bilingual children can improve their lives in many aspects as it has been proven to improve their cognitive, social, and cultural abilities. So, if you’re living or planning to move to Val Verde, CA soon, Spanish is a great option for a second language for children to learn.

At TruFluency Kids Spanish, we understand that sometimes finding the best school option for our children can be a tricky thing to do, as each family has a different idea of what the perfect education would be, also, we know that with the number of choices out there, this process can be very tiring and confusing. Because of this reason, we’ve created this resource to help you find the perfect match for a Spanish School for you and your children.

Spanish Schools for Children in Val Verde, California

About This Resource

We’ve created this guide so you can see the best Spanish Immersion/Dual-language schools within the Val Verde Unified School District (VVUSD) boundaries (see map). Val Verde Unified is an above-average, public school district that has 19,303 students. It is #6 in Best School Districts in Riverside County and #162 in Best School Districts in California according to Niche.

VVUSD has the mission to create a positive environment that produces lifelong learners who will become responsible and contributing citizens that can function in a culturally diverse society. To enroll your children in any VVUSD School, remember that you need to complete their enrollment process through their School Enrollment website.

The main point of this resource is to show you which the best options for Spanish education are, we will be showing you both, public and private options so you can find what fits best for you. Also, as you might notice later on in this article, most of the schools that we will show you offer either Dual-Language or Spanish Immersion programs as we acknowledge immersion as the best method for children to learn a new language.

We want to hear from you! – We are aware that education is always changing and getting lots of updates as time goes by, another of our goals is to keep this guide always updated. If you see any information about schools that have changed, please feel free to communicate with us so we can update the information. Also, if you know about any other place or institution that you believe to be a good match for this resource, we will be very happy to hear from you.

Val Verde USD Dual Language Immersion Program

Spanish Schools for Children in Val Verde, California

Established in 2015, VVUSD’S Dual Language Immersion program has the mission to prepare its students academically, linguistically, and socially to meet the needs and changes of the global community. Their Dual Language Immersion Program develops bilingualism and bi-literacy in English and a second language by integrating multilingual students (ELs) with English speakers.

This program aims for bilingualism, bi-literacy, and multicultural competence so children can evolve in two languages through their student years.

This program combines the Foreign language immersion* model and the 90:10 Model** with the Maintenance bilingual education model***.

*Foreign Language immersion is a method of teaching a second language in which the means of instruction is the target language. This method uses this language as a teaching tool meaning all of the subjects taught in the target language.

**90:10 Model: This is a model in which students will receive 90% of their instruction in their target language through their first years, and the amount of this one will be decreasing each year until the Instruction is 50% in Spanish and 50% In English by the grade 4-6.

***Maintenance bilingual education model: An enrichment model that adds to students linguistic abilities or additive bilingualism continuing the development in both languages, preserving and enhancing students’ skills in their native language while they acquire a new one.

Highlighted Val Verde Schools for Spanish Learning

There are two great options for public schools when it comes to Spanish immersion in the VVUSD:

Triple Crown Elementary School

Triple Crown Elementary School

At Triple Crown, the main goal is to provide all students with a solid foundation of social and academic skills necessary to be productive and well-adjusted members of the community. The students are immersed in the 21st Century Learning, STEAM Education, and technology as they work to acquire their grade level content.

Triple Crown is an AVID elementary school. AVID Elementary is a foundational component of the AVID College Readiness System and supports AVID’s mission to prepare all students for college readiness and success in a global society. AVID Elementary implements resources, training, and philosophy all grounded in the idea that students can be taught the growth mindset that AVID students succeed by following their dreams and fulfilling their aspirations.

This school is an above-average public school as it has an overall B rating in Niche and it serves 1060 students in grades K-5. It also has a 6 out of 10 ranking on the GreatSchools! website.

Mead Valley Elementary School

Mead Valley Elementary School

Mead Valley Elementary is a professional learning community that works collaboratively to remove any obstacle to success and global productivity in the 21st Century for every student and staff at the school. Their Mission is to ensure the academic, social and emotional success of every student. Also, this school encourages parents to be part of their children’s learning process by giving them different resources to continue their SPLASH values education at home.

Mead Valley Elementary is a public school that has 622 students in grades K-5. It has an overall B- Niche grade and a 5 out of 5 stars rating in Facebook Reviews which means that it is a great choice for your children: “Amazing School!!! Teachers Are Awesome, Principal Too, and VP Too. The Live & Patience They Have On The Kids Is Beyond Words.”

Private Schools, Preschool, and After-School Programs for Spanish Learning

As mentioned above, we are looking for this guide to be helpful for as many people as we can. Even though the public options shown above are very great choices, we know that certain parents prefer to aim for private education. The Schools shown below, are great choices for private schools that count with a great program of Spanish Immersion, language camp or just language lessons for your kids to learn in a bilingual environment.

LiMai Montessori Academy

LiMai Montessori Academy

Mai’s goal is to create a nurturing and diverse environment that encourages children to discover their purpose and follow their passion in life by finding their own unique interests. They look for their students to develop independence, confidence, imagination, and curiosity, at the same time that they are immersed in three languages: Chinese, Spanish, and English while receiving a 100% Montessori approach to language education.

This approach prioritizes experimental learning to develop practical life skills to be independent at early age stages. When it comes to language education, the Montessori approach becomes a great tool as it emphasizes experimenting and getting used to the language in a very natural way.

LiMai’s Montessori has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Yelp!

Kallpachay Spanish Immersion

Kallpachay Spanish Immersion

Kallpachay is a school that has several campuses throughout the state of California. This school looks to connect with students and get an immersive experience when learning Spanish. Their approach helps students to transit the Spanish language through art and games and always focus on speaking practice. They want to help children to get a great experience as Spanish language learners while playing and celebrating multiculturality.

The school offers different courses for both kids and adults. They also have caregiver training and a Spanish immersion camp that’s fully conversational and kinesthetic.

Kallpachay has 5 out of 5 stars in Facebook reviews and their reviews on Yelp! look like this one: “My daughter absolutely LOVES this camp! We signed her up with two of her friends and they all had loads of fun, while also learning Spanish. We also love that they’re generous supporters of her school, Micheltorena Elementary. We’re fans for life!!”

Yatichawi Preschool

Yatichawi Preschool

This school is a fully immersive Spanish school. Students practice the language throughout the day as all of the instruction is given in this language.

They offer a very cozy, beautiful, and warm environment for your children to learn in a very home-like place. Their areas are full of activities to develop the children’s cognitive-social and emotional abilities. Yatichawi implements many different activities that keep students engaged and “learning by doing”

They have 5 out of 5 stars in Facebook reviews and an overall rating of 5 in Yelp!

TruFluency Kids Spanish Immersion Program

How Children Learn a Second Language: Language Acquisition

TFK Spanish offers a wide variety of immersion programs that are a fit for children of any age. We know that children are energetic and curious and because of this reason we manage to keep our classes very engaging and fun so they don’t notice that they are in a Spanish language Class. Our curriculums are carefully designed by our Spanish native specialized teachers, that are also experts at our own Bellieu Method which strives for fluency through immersion.

The programs that we offer are 100% online with live lessons and a super flexible schedule that can change along with your needs and goals. And if you miss a class, it’s okay! There will always be another one available for your kid to continue their Spanish language Journey with no interruption.

We offer classes at super accessible costs, and we include free resources so you can help your kid with their learning process without the need for them to be in their lessons all the time.

At TruFluency Kids, we believe that bilingualism is an amazing tool for our children to develop different opportunities in their futures, whether they are mental or in the job field. You can book a class with us and we can assure you you’re not going to regret it and your child is going to love it!

Hope to see you soon on this journey!

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