One of the dearest tv shows for kids ever is Blue’s Clues. The first time it aired was in 1996, so it has impacted many different generations. The title has changed from Blue’s Clues to Blue’s Clues & You. Blue’s human friends have also changed over the years, but the friendly blue dog is still there to play with all the kids.

With Blue, children will do all kinds of activities, like singing songs, attending birthday parties, counting numbers, cooking, and more. Consequently, kids will learn good values, important life skills and vocabulary for different situations without realizing it.

This also makes Blue’s Clues a great way of learning a new language. That’s why in this blog, we’ll teach you how to learn Spanish with Blue’s Clues. Or should we say “Las Pistas de Blue”?

32 Spanish Words about Blue’s Clues


  1. Blue’s Clues / Blue’s Clues & You – Las Pistas de Blue / Las Pistas de Blue y Tú
  2. Dog – Perro
  3. Azul – Blue
  4. Magenta – Magenta
  5. Periwinkle – Periwinkle
  6. Friend – Amigo (a)
  7. Clues – Pistas
  8. Prints / Paw prints – Huellas / Huellas de perro
  9. Mailbox – Buzón
  10. Purple – Morado
  11. Mr. Salt – Señor Sal
  12. Mrs. Pepper – Señora Pimienta
  13. Cinnamon – Canela
  14. Paprika – Paprika
  15. Sage – Salvia
  16. Ginger – Jengibre
  17. Rainbow puppy – Perrita arcoiris
  18. Pail – Balde
  19. Shovel – Pala
  20. Thinking chair – Sillón de pensar
  21. Red – Rojo
  22. Side table – Cajoncito
  23. Tic Toc / Tickety Tock – Tic Tac / Tic Toc
  24. Slippery soap – Jabón resbaloso
  25. Notebook – Libreta
  26. Phone – Teléfono
  27. Crayon – Crayón / Crayola
  28. Mail – Correo
  29. Email – Correo electrónico
  30. To draw – Dibujar
  31. To look for / To search for – Buscar
  32. To play – Jugar

Blue’s Clues Classic Phrases in Spanish

There are certain questions and phrases repeated through the different Blue’s Clues episodes. Therefore, they have become classics of the show. Each one of those also has their Spanish versions.


  • Hi, out there. It’s me, Steve/Joe/Josh. Have you seen Blue, my puppy? / ¡Hola, amigos! Soy yo, Steve/Joe/Josh. ¿Han visto a Blue, mi perrita?
  • A clue! A clue! / ¡Una pista! ¡Una pista!
  • Did you see a clue? Where? / ¿Ves una pista? ¿Dónde?
  • You know what we need? We need our handy, dandy notebook! / ¿Saben qué necesitamos? ¡Nuestra súper útil libreta! Or ¡Nuestra práctica y querida libreta!
  • Here’s your letter. / Aquí está tu carta.
  • We’ll play Blue’s Clues. / Jugaremos a las pistas de blue.

Blue’s Clues Songs in Spanish

One of the most memorable parts of Blue’s Clues are the songs. The show has different songs for different moments. Since they’re very catchy and very short, kids tend to sing along to them. This makes “Las Pistas de Blue” songs a great way of introducing Spanish to kids. Plus, it’s always easier for children to learn through music and repeat the lyrics.

Mail Time Song

This is one of the most popular ones, because it’s very common to hear it in the episodes. So, it ultimately sticks to the kids’ brains.

This song has also been around since the beginning of the show. So, it has been sung by all the different friends that have lived with Blue. First, Steve sang it on Blue’s Clues and then Joe and Josh sang it on Blue’s Clues & You.

Let’s say you were a kid when Steve was in the show and now you’re a mom. Then, you can sing it with your children. It doesn’t matter if you’re from different generations, this song means something for all of you.

Here it is in Spanish:

“Correo (by choruses).
El correo ya llegó
anunciando su canción
y gritó con emoción:

If we translate it to English, it literally says:

The mail has already arrived
announcing its song
and it screamed with joy:

We Just Got a Letter Song

This song comes almost right after the mail time song. It’s used to say that a letter has arrived. There are a few changes between the original song and the latest one. So, you can compare with your kid both songs and see which one you like better.

“Recibimos una carta (spoken).
Llegó una carta,
llegó una carta,
llegó una carta.
Y, ¿de quién será?”

In the newest version, “Blue’s Clues & You”, Josh sings “recibimos” instead of “llegó”. He also finishes with “me pregunto, ¿quién será?”. As you can see the changes are minimum to the original version.

This time if we translate it to English, the lyrics say the same as in Spanish.

Paw Print Song

Sometimes, there’s also a song for when it’s time to play. After you find the first paw print you can start singing along Steve, Joe or Josh. And even better, compare the differences between the original version and the latest version of the song.

Here’s the original version in Spanish:

“Pistas de Blue,
pistas de Blue.
Encontraremos otra huella,
y esta es la segunda,
en la libreta la anotamos,
son pistas de Blue,
pistas de Blue.
Encontraremos otra huella,
y esta es la tercera,
en la libreta la anotamos,
son pistas de Blue,
pistas de Blue.
Y ya saben lo que haremos:
en el sillón nos vamos a sentar y pensar,
Porque usando la cabeza es por donde se empieza
y lograrás hacerlo bien,
es lo que vamos a ver.”

There’s also a version of this song where it starts with the lyrics about finding the first paw print. That first stanza goes like this:

“Encontraremos una huella
y esa es la primera,
en la libreta la anotamos
y luego, ¿qué esperamos?
Pista de Blue,
pista de Blue.
¡Todos, todos!”

And then it continues with the verses about finding the second paw print and the rest of the song.

Here’s the latest version in Spanish:

“Pistas de Blue,
Pistas Blue.
encontraremos otra huella,
la segunda pista es,
en nuestra libreta,
son las pistas de Blue,
pistas de Blue.
Hay que buscar la última huella,
la tercera pista es,
en nuestra libreta,
son las pistas de Blue,
pistas de Blue.
Ya saben qué hacer:
en el sillón de pensar tu pensarás,
porque usando la cabeza es por donde se empieza
y así lo harás muy bien tú.”

Did you catch all the differences in the Spanish translations?

The English version means the same. There’s just a difference at the end. The English song finishes saying that you should clear your mind, because you can do anything.

Meanwhile, the Spanish end says you should use the thinking couch, because everything starts in the head thinking, and you’ll do it well.

Tips to Learn Spanish with Blue’s Clues

Learning the Spanish vocabulary about Blue’s Clues, singing the songs and finding the differences in all the Spanish versions is a great trick. Your kids will absorb more Spanish like that.

But is there anything else you could do to help your children learn the language with their favorite show? Of course! Here are our best tips:

During Blue’s Clues there are always questions for your kids to answer. It’s great to have a show where you can not only watch and acquire vocabulary, but also put it into practice.

So, make sure your kids answer in Spanish. Even if they’re not very fluent yet, they can try their best. Don’t let them just sit still, encourage them to participate in the show. That’s what it is for.

Organize a “Pistas de Blue” game. You can create a mystery and put some blue paw prints around the house that will lead to the solution. You can also decorate the house with a Blue’s Clues theme.

Invite your kids’ friends and they can all work together to solve the game. The only rule is that they must speak Spanish. It’ll be a fun way for them to practice their Spanish and to teach them teamwork.

Ask your kids to describe you Blue’s house in Spanish. The outside of the house is always shown at the beginning of the episodes. They can tell you which color is the house, the color of the grass, if there are flowers or not, among other details.

If you want, you can also show them a picture of Blue’s house on the inside and they can describe it to you as well. You can also ask them to describe other things, like Blue herself or her friends. This will make them practice basic vocabulary and descriptions in Spanish.

If your favorite platform doesn’t have Blue’s Clues in Spanish, check the YouTube channel “Nick Jr. En Español”.

TruFluency Kids is Another Fun Way of Learning Spanish

Though Blue’s Clues is a great way of learning Spanish, it won’t make your kids masters of the language. They need to combine watching their favorite show and doing Spanish activities with language classes.

TruFluency Kids is the best option for Spanish classes. We believe that language lessons can be as fun as a Blue’s Clues episode. That’s why our classes are very dynamic.

Our native teachers teach through Spanish songs, dancing, cooking and playing games in Spanish. See? Just like Blue, we’ll keep your kids busy with a Spanish adventure every lesson.

Our schedules are very flexible. And if you missed a class, you can make it up by telling us and jumping into another one. It’s that easy because we know how busy the parents and kids’ agenda are.

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