Live Spanish Classes for Kids

Online Spanish Classes for Kids

All class activities center around relevant, everyday Spanish phrases, which allows the kids to communicate more fully & quickly. Plus, all students receive two subscriptions to Online Videos for Spanish learners for one year ($350 value!)

Fun Classes

Our Spanish classes are fun, DYNAMIC, and filled with songs, dancing, and lots of SPEAKING PRACTICE.


Small Classes

Classes are very small with an average group size of 5-6 kids and led by professional instructors who are native speakers.

Flexible Scheduling

With over 150 classes to choose from, this allows for flexible scheduling. Morning or afternoon classes, 7 days a week!

Try Out a Spanish Class

Our classes are perfect for beginners, but also dual language kids. The kids get to talk about what interests THEM (but in Spanish). And parents who want their child to be bilingual can have their child enrolled in classes any day of the week.

Ages 4-6

25 Minute Classes

Ages 7-11

45 Minute Classes

Ages 13-17

50 Minute Classes