Learning Spanish will benefit your child in ways you never thought possible. Fluency in a foreign language will improve your child’s cognitive abilities, school performance, and future job prospects. While raising a bilingual child can be challenging, we believe your child has the power to succeed. Books, videos, and other online resources are a great starting off point when learning a new language, but at TruFluency Kids, we know that a tutor (ie. conversation practice) can make all the difference in a child’s language acquisition journey. But what is the difference between a good tutor, and a great one?

A tutor’s success depends on their teaching goals, mission, and methods. When you think of a language tutor, your high school courses in French or Spanish might come to mind. Even if you did well in those classes at the time, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are fluent in the language today; TruFluency Kids is here to make sure your child doesn’t experience this disconnect. Our team knows that language learning isn’t about getting perfect grades; it’s about retaining information, staying engaged, and exercising a language from youth into adulthood. But how do we make sure that students remember and use what they have learned? The answer is the Bellieu Method.

The Bellieu Method

At TruFluency Kids Spanish, our language tutors use the Bellieu Method to enhance fluency and encourage lifelong learning habits. Want to know more? Read on to discover the five ways that the Bellieu Method secures fluency for young learners.

1. We Teach What is Relevant

While learning about colors, seasons and numbers is important, TruFluency Kids focuses on complete phrases that will benefit children in everyday life. At the end of one of our courses, your child will be able to ask questions like ‘Where are you going? What’s for dinner? Who is he? What’s her name? What’s this?’ and much more. Not just summer, red, and three.

2. We Believe in Immersion

Immersion is one the most effective ways to get fluent and stay fluent. Living with your child in a Spanish-speaking country can be difficult and impractical for your family, but a course at TruFluency Kids is the next best option. Our teacher-led courses immerse students in Spanish from day one and avoid translations to ensure a smooth learning process.

3. We Think Language Learning Should Be Fun

At TruFluency Kids, we know that a child who is having fun is a child who is staying engaged. Our classes get kids moving, speaking, and interacting directly with the tutor. For our older students, we offer quiz games and trivia to help spark class discussions and ignite their passion for learning. Our younger students enjoy a variety of games, songs, and stories to capture their imagination and boost their language skills. At TruFluency Kids, there’s something for everyone!

4. We Love Asking Questions

Our tutors work to build your child’s confidence along with their speaking abilities by asking 60+ questions in every class. A great way for a child to build their self-esteem is to get them talking in Spanish as much as possible in real conversations. At TruFluency, we offer a supportive yet challenging classroom environment that encourages students to speak as much as possible. To make learning accessible, our tutors help students form short questions and replies before moving on to longer ones.

5. We Believe in Curriculum Variation

Children are naturally curious and like to try new things! This is why TruFluency Kids uses games, songs, and videos to activate all of your child’s senses and get them engaged on every level. A lot of movement is incorporated (for younger students) as much as possible so that the class does not feel online. After a course with TruFluency Kids, your child will feel more secure engaging with a Spanish-speaking culture and taking on the variety of challenges that come their way.

Are you ready to help your child learn a second language? The Bellieu Method is fun, engaging, and focused on long-term learning. Come to TruFluency Kids and watch as your child grows into a confident Spanish speaker. Our Spanish immersion classes are affordable, starting at only $12 per class. Check out our class schedule and register today!