Are you looking to give your kid the opportunity of learning a second language? That’s awesome! You are not only encouraging them to learn something new, but also handing them the chance of broadening their horizons.

The only problem, you might think, is which language to choose. There are so many out there, it’s difficult to make a decision. We get it, they’re all so beautiful!

But as experts of the Spanish language education, we want to suggest enrolling your kids at Spanish classes. And it’s not just because we say so, but because it’s an amazing language with many benefits.

Here we leave you with 5 reasons why children should learn Spanish. You’ll realize it will be a great investment for the rest of their lives.

1. Spanish is a world language

Yes, we know it’s not the number one most popular language out there, but it’s pretty close. It is the second most spoken language in the world! Just right after English.

It’s also the official language of 21 countries all around the world, from Latin America to Europe and even an African country: Equatorial Guinea.

Even in the countries where it’s not the mother tongue, it’s still very widely spoken. It’s popular among people that want to learn a second language.

Just think of the U.S.A, where the population that speaks Spanish has come to be over 60 million. If your kids go to an American school, most likely they know someone that speaks Spanish, either as a first or second language.

It is also a very popular language in other countries, such as Belize, Brazil and Andorra.

So, aside from the fun of it, it’s also important that children know one of the languages that has more presence around the world. Tons of opportunities everywhere will come for them if they learn it.

2. Make more friends

Social skills are just as important as an academic education. And making friends from very early in your kids’ lives will mark their childhoods. They’ll create meaningful memories that will stay with them forever.

Who knows, maybe some of their childhood friendships will also last forever. Plus, making friends will also help them develop their social and emotional skills. Two abilities they’ll need for everything they do in their lives: school, work, traveling, and more.

During the first stages of your kids’ lives, it’ll be easier for them to make friends at school. That’s probably the only place where they meet new people outside their family circle.

Want a tip? Extracurricular activities, like Spanish lessons, are also a great way for children to find new friendships. So give your kids an extra push and enroll them in Spanish classes or in a dual language school.

If it’s a dual language program, they might even make foreign friends, which will help your kids’ Spanish speaking practice even more.

3. Develop cultural awareness and empathy

Learning a language it’s also about learning a new culture, both things go together, hand in hand. After all, the language it’s also part of a country’s culture, among their art and history. Because it shows how people speak and express their ideas, emotions and interact with each other.

So, learning a second language helps you get closer to the country of your target language. That is because if you only know some words and phrases, it’ll help you understand the basics for when you travel and see around.

But if you truly know the language and are fluent in it, you’ll get to immerse yourself in the culture. You can hold long and reflective conversations with locals. As well as let them explain to you more about their traditions, gastronomy, laws, ways of living, and more.

You’ll even understand their jokes and word games, which will make you see their type of humor.

So, if your children learn another language, it’ll make them aware that there are other cultures different to theirs. And that’s okay, because they can be as beautiful and interesting as the one they’re growing in.

They can even mix things they like about this new culture to their everyday life.

All of this maximizes if kids learn Spanish, because they’ll get the chance to learn about Hispanic cultures. That’s right! Not about one, not about two, not even about three, but about all the 21 cultures where Spanish is the official language.

Because even when they share one language and can understand each other through it, there are still differences. They all have their own Spanish slang, idioms, ways of living, traditions and history.

So, your kids will get to know even more cultures, empathize and love them each by their uniqueness.

4. Expand their vocabulary to express themselves

We just said that Spanish has some variations of words and phrases depending on the country you’re in. It’s the same thing that happens with other languages, like American English vs British English. Some things change, even if just a bit.

Learning Spanish would allow your kids to express themselves in a language that has way too many variations of it. This is extremely beneficial, because there are many feelings and emotions out there.

So, the more languages or variations of a language we know, the more room to express our true feelings we have. For example: If they had a good time, they can say in Mexican Spanish “lo pasé súper chido”.

Or in Chilean Spanish “lo pasé chancho”. Kids will choose which one sounds more intense, closer to their emotion, or which one they like more.

Of course, that only comes after learning one type of Spanish. Then, they can learn words and expressions from the different Hispanic countries.

Despite that, with any kind of Spanish kids will positively expand their vocabulary. And that’s always something to celebrate.

5. Protect their future

Okay, okay, okay. It’s true! Having second language skills won’t secure your kids a job in their foreseen future, but it will definitely help.

We live in a world that is more connected than ever through the internet and all new technology. Companies of all industries are constantly looking to reach new, international markets.

So they need bilingual or even polyglot people in their teamwork to help them deal with any language barrier they might find. It’s even better with a language that’s spoken in many different places and it’s in demand, like Spanish.

If your children grow up learning this language, by the time they’re full, hard-working adults, they’ll be fluent in Spanish. Their skills will be very well polished. Therefore, they have more chances of securing a job that requests good Spanish abilities.

Take the Next Step to Make Your Kids Spanish Fluent

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